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    Disputas | Aspiring leaders at sport events: Perception and enactment of leadership av Annika Bodemar, Norges idrettshøgskole, 20 juni 2022

    Hvordan oppfatter og utøver aspirerende ledere på idrettsarrangementer ledelse? Dette er det overgripende spørsmålet Annika Bodemar stiller i sin doktorgradsavhandling. Avhandlingen er den første som undersøker unge (24–34 år) mellomlederes oppfatninger og utøvelse av ledelse på idrettsarrangement. Mer presist undersøker den former for organisering på idrettsarrangement på mikronivå med en kritisk tilnærming.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Physical activity, physical fitness and academic performance among adolescents: Intervention effects from the School in Motion study – a cluster randomized controlled trial...

    Emerging evidence suggests a favourable relationship between physical activity, aerobic fitness and academic performance. Recent data shows that physical activity levels decrease through adolescence. Accordingly, there is a need to develop interventions that can effectively change behaviour, leading to increased physical activity, physical fitness and academic performance among adolescents.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Reducing risk for eating disorder development and muscle building supplement use in adolescents: a cluster randomized controlled trial | Kethe M. E. Svantorp-Tveiten,...

    Adolescents are flowed with unrealistic ideals were having an athletic, defined, and toned body often equals success and happiness where strict exercise regimes, restrictive eating habits and use of dietary supplements are important ingredients in the recipe. Kethe M. E. Svantorp-Tveiten’s PhD project aimed to reduce the risk for eating disorder development and muscle building supplement use in adolescents.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Fitness clubs: A venue for public health? | Christina Gjestvang, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, February 17, 2022

    Christina Gjestvang’s PhD-project aimed to gain an increased understanding of those individuals who choose to join a fitness club, and are able to stay active, and continue with, regular exercise in a group of novice exercisers in their first year of a fitness club membership. A fitness club membership was not associated with increase in total physical activity level or numbers meeting the physical activity recommendations.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Preventive medicine in elite sport: The role of the periodic health evaluation | Dustin Nabhan, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, January 27, 2022

    In elite sport, one aspect of preventive medicine is the periodic health evaluation (PHE). The aim of this Dustin Nabhan’s dissertation is to describe current PHE practices in elite athlete populations and assess the value of specific elements of the PHE: the health history, iron screening, and screening for conditions that are difficult to diagnose in primary care (sleep, mental health, and allergies).

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Training load and health problems in football – More complex than we first thought? | Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, December...

    Sudden increase in training load has been linked to increased risk of injuries and illnesses (health problems). In the past years, researchers have claimed that easy-to-use calculations can precisely estimate how much training load can increase without increasing the risk of health problems. In his PhD-project, Torstein Dalen-Lorentsen found that it’s not possible to assess risk of health problems based on training load, and that the studies claiming this has substantial methodological weaknesses.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Bicycling in the right direction? | Solveig Nordengen, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, December 9, 2021

    In her dissertation, Solveig Nordengen presents results from two systematic literature reviews with meta-analyses of cycling and cardiovascular disease, followed by national correlates of commuter cycling and the presentation of a novel bike traffic index to describe trends in cycling over the years.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Physical activity, mental health and academic achievement in adolescents | Ingeborg Barth Vedøy, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, December 1, 2021

    In Ingeborg Barth Vedøy’s dissertation, she presents results from a long term study in which she followed 600 adolescents annually throughout their three years of lower secondary school, exploring their physical activity level, mental health and academic achievements. Surprisingly, the overall results show no associations between physical activity and academic achievement among the participants.

    Public defence of doctoral thesis | Visual Perception in Elite Football | Karl Marius Aksum, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, November 3, 2021

    Karl Marius Aksum’s thesis provides new research about the frequency, timing, duration, and information of scanning behavior in elite football players. The findings suggest that future research on visual perception in football should strive to develop more representative designs in non-restrictive settings. Furthermore, coaches should aim to develop football players’ skills with the help of complex contextualized exercises that include an abundance of information.

    Disputas | Ulykker og sikkerhet i friluftsliv på norsk videregående skole, av Lena Dahl, Norges idrettshøgskole, 14 oktober 2021

    Varje år rapporterar media om räddningsinsatser och olyckor i norsk natur som involverar skolbarn. I avhandlingen vill Lena Dahl förtydliga hur många olyckor som inträffar, vad som kännetecknar olyckorna och varför de inträffar. Dessutom undersöker hon genom fokusgruppsintervjuer vad friluftslivslärare tycker om säkerhet och kompetens i förhållande till olyckor. På detta sätt bidrar avhandlingen till att skolor och lärare kan arbeta mer målmedvetet med olycksförebyggande.
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