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    The International Journal of the History of Sport Volume 31, Issue 14, August 2014

    The International Journal of the History of Sport is an international, ranked, peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research contributions to scientific knowledge. All manuscript submissions are subject to initial appraisal by the Editor, and, if found suitable for further consideration, to peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees. Special Issue: Regional Issue: Middle East

    Soccer & Society Volume 13, Issue 5–6, December 2012

    Special Issue: Soccer in the Middle East Soccer in the Middle East: an introductionAlon Raab Race, Place and Soccer: Egypt, Morocco and ‘African’ identity in the competition to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup Shaun T. Lopez Playing for identity and independence: the issue of Palestinian statehood and the role of FIFA Glen M.E. Duerr A new heart for Turkish soccer: a virtue ethics diagnosis and...

    The International Journal of the History of Sport Volume 29, Issue 15, October 2012

    Special Issue: Regional Issue: Sport in the Middle East – Power, Politics, Ideology and Religion Our Games! The Pan-Arab Games (1953–1965) Luis Henrique Rolim Silva & Hans-Dieter Gerber Pages: 2099-2114 DOI: 10.1080/09523367.2012.721594 ‘Pioneer of Olympism in the Middle East’: Gabriel Gemayel and Lebanese Sport Andrea L. Stanton Pages: 2115-2130 DOI: 10.1080/09523367.2011.631005 Women in Management and Leadership in the Olympic Movement in Muslim Majority Countries: An Empirical Evaluation of Huntington's...
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