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    Ph.D. Studentship | New approaches to the study of representations of sportswomen and/or femininity in British sports media | Northumbria University. Apply before January 9, 2019

    The aim of this project is to investigate the contemporary socio-cultural construction of female identity in the sports sector through the representations of female athletes and/or female non-athletes in the coverage of men’s sport. It can draw on inter-disciplinary conceptual approaches and theoretical tools (including, but not limited to, sociology, cultural studies, human geography and politics).

    Call for Papers | Changing the rules of the game? An interdisciplinary symposium examining the relationship between sport and media | Loughborough University, May 16–17, 2018. Call ends January...

    This event seeks to take stock of current developments in the field of sport and media and critically assess new theoretical and methodological approaches. Of particular interest will be current debates around mediatization in understanding contemporary trends in the domain of sport. We welcome papers from post-graduate as well as established researchers.

    Call for Papers | The Beautiful Game: The Poetics and Aesthetics of Soccer in Transnational Perspective | University of Basel, June 30-July 2, 2016

    This conference, scheduled to take place during the 2016 European Championship and hosted by the University of Basel’s Department of English, takes up soccer with a special focus on its poetics and aesthetics. The conference by necessity is interdisciplinary in nature.

    25 Year Study Shows Coverage of Women’s Sports on Televised News and Highlights Shows Remains Very Low

    The last quarter century has seen a dramatic movement of girls and women into sports, but, according to a new study, this social change is not reflected in televised sports news and highlights shows. – “'It’s Dude Time!'
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