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    The International Sports Law Journal, Vol. 20, 2020, Issue 3–4

    The ISLJ is the only truly “international” peer-reviewed sports law journal consistently offering broad content coverage, such as significant case law analysis, legal commentary and sports related information from sports law experts around the world. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Demystifying India’s Paralympic movement: overview of legislation, sport governance and ground realities by SriPadmini Chennapragada, Sunil Jain.

    Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, Volume 17, 2019

    ESLJ is a refereed and open access online journal. It is located within a dynamic and rapidly expanding area of legal theory and legal practice. Whilst focussed within legal study, the areas it encompasses are necessarily interdisciplinary. Editor’s pick from the current issue: KEN FOSTER AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF UK SPORTS LAW: A REFLECTIVE INTERVIEW by Steve Greenfield, Mark James, Guy Osborn

    Another book about football hooliganism – is that really necessary?

    In Legal Responses to Football “Hooliganism” in Europe (TMC Asser) contributions from England, Wales, Germany, France, Greece, Netherlands, Austria and Ukraine are collected by editors Anastassia Tsoukala, Geoff Pearson & Peter T.M. Coenen. Aage Radmann, well versed in this field, is very impressed by some contributions and the whole book is, to him, important.

    Brittisk idrottsjuridik – några aktuella titlar

    Bo Carlsson Regulating Football: Commodification, Consumption and the Law (2001) Steve Greenfield and Guy Osborn Pluto Press. ISBN: 0-7453-1026-5 Under senare år har den europeiska fotbollen genomgått stora förändringar. Regulating Football går bakom rubrikerna för att studera den tilltagande kommersialiseringen av fotbollen (fotboll som marknad och varumärke) Genom att undersöka hur fotbollen kommit att regleras, vill författarna ställa frågan om kommersialiseringen har förfört klubbarna och rent...
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