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    Seminar: Interaction Design for the Lived Body – Implications of Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology

    Current off-the-shelf digital technologies such as smartphones, full-body interaction games and sensor-based appliances are to a large extent embodied in the sense that they integrate with the body of the user. Designing for such technologies requires an understanding of the embodied user experience: how technology is experienced with and through the body. Welcome to a K3 seminar with Dag Svanæs,...

    Forskarprofil | Henning Eichberg, 1942-2017

    Befattning Professor emeritus Publikationer The People of Democracy. Understanding Self-Determination on the Basis of Body and Movement. (= Bevægelsesstudier. 5) Klim: Århus 2004 Jørn Møller (red.) 2004: Folk - om et grundbegreb i demokrati og kultur. (= Bevægelsesstudier. 6) Århus: Klim. (Med Bo Vestergård Madsen:) Idræt som fest. Bogen om landsstævnet. (= Bevægelsesstudier. 7) Århus: Klim 2006 Bevægelse i festen. Idrætshistorie som festhistorie. (=...
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