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    Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 64, January 2023

    Psychology of Sport and Exercise is an international forum for scholarly reports in the psychology of sport and exercise, broadly defined. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Gritting One’s way to success – Grit explains skill in elite youth soccer players beyond (deliberate) practice by Paul Larkin, Dijana Cocić, David T. Hendry, A. Mark Williams, Donna O’Connor, Merim Bilalić (open access):

    Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Volume 44, 2022, Issue 2

    JSEP publishes peer-reviewed research articles by leading world scholars that explore the interactions between psychology and exercise and sport performance, and more. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: “I Do What I Like”: 8- to 10-Year-Old Children’s Physical Activity Behavior Is Already Interrelated With Their Automatic Affective Processes by Julia Limmeroth, Michaela Raboldt.