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    Call for Papers | College Sports and Ethics, an edited collection by Chad Carlson and Shawn E. Klein, published by Lexington Books | Call ends November 1, 2021

    This collected volume focuses on foundational ethical issues in college sports, including the fit of intercollegiate sports with the university and the question of professionalism. It will also tackle several important ethical topics that pertain particularly to college sports, such as athletes’ rights and recruitment.It brings together top scholars of sport to examine college sports and analyze the important ethical issues in college sport. We invite you to submit a proposal to contribute as well.

    Call for Papers | “Beyond the US: The Globalization of Intercollegiate Athletics” | Special issue of Journal of Global Sport Management. Call ends October 1, 2018

    This special issue seeks to investigate the nature of various aspects of US-based intercollegiate athletics that can shed light on its uniqueness and distinctiveness. While college athletics in the US is unique, numerous countries are exploring plans to develop a system of intercollegiate athletics in their own markets.
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