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    Call for Papers | “Sport Sociology and the Responsibility for Decolonial Praxis: Decolonizing Minds, Indigenizing Hearts”. The 2019 Annual Conference for the North American Society for the Sociology of...

    To challenge the ongoing realities of settler colonialism, decolonization starts by becoming critically aware of institutional whiteness, heteropatriarchy, manifestations of racisms and how they work to maintain settler colonialism. This centers Indigenous Peoples’ interests, theory, methodology, pleasures, and desires, and rights since settler colonialism obscures them.

    Call for Papers | “Leisure and Indigenous Peoples” | Special Issue of Annals of Leisure Research. Call ends 1 September 2018

    This special issue seeks to critically explore, encourage discussion, and contribute to the empirical study of the rights and welfare of Indigenous people, within and through leisure. The provision of culturally relevant and meaningful leisure opportunities for marginalised population groups such as Indigenous peoples, is a global phenomenon and chief priority for many governments.
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