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    Call for Participation | Participation, Inclusion and Social Responsibility in Global Sports Conference | Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, May 31–June 2, 2018

    Focusing on participation and inclusion in global sports from a historical and modern-day perspective, we look to better understand how and why certain types of people are allowed to participate and others are not. We will expand beyond soccer/football into a cross-section of sports and focus on what is being done to address these inequalities.

    Call for Papers | “Reinforcing, Crossing, and Transcending Borders: Soccer in a Globalized World” | International conference, September 5–6 2017, Athens, Greece. Call ends May 20, 2017

    Referred to as the global game and embodying many different aspects of globalization, soccer has increasingly become the focus of scholarly research, the topic of media inquiry and the subject of creative work looking to understand the sport from both a local and a global perspective.

    Summer Program: Harvard Summer School “The Politics of Sport”

    This course looks at the intersection of sports and politics in international relations and in the United States. The course discusses how sports are used all over the world as a soft power tool in addition to economic and military power. Course faculty: Dr. Danyel Reiche, Associate Professor for Comparative Politics, American University of Beirut.
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