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    Sportswriters and Rowing Correspondents

    We’re pleased to be able to re-publish this piece from Hear The Boat Sing, in which Göran Buckhorn, HTBS Editor, reflects on the sports writers and rowing correspondents of yesteryear, nicely illustrated with portraits and book covers. At the end of this stroll down Memory Lane he imagines a Hall of Fame for Rowing Writers – but stops short of letting his imagination include its management by HTBS.

    The exciting life and work of a Norwegian in the world of competitive rowing

    A slice of very important Norwegian sport history unfolds in Christopher Dodd’s latest book, Thor Nilsen: Rowing’s Global Coach (Independent Publishing Network). Nilsen seems largely unknown outside of the rowing community, which hopefully Dodd’s book, together with this review, written by Hear the Boat Sing editor Göran R. Buckhorn, will remedy. Our reviewer finds the book well-written and entertaining – which is true also of his own rich review.

    Impressive prosopography of “the most successful Olympic coach of all time”

    Hugh Matheson & Christopher Dodd portray Jurgen Grobler, former GDR, now British Rowing coach in More Power: The story of Jurgen Grobler, the most successful Olympic coach of all time (HarperCollins). Our reviewer is rowing history website “Hear The Boat Sing” editor Göran R Buckhorn, and he is doubly impressed – by Grobler’s unequalled feat and by the authors’ effort to present the man and this chosen vocation.

    An ace rower who never made it to the Olympics and instead steered world rowing into modernity

    Rowing legend – slightly less as an athlete and more, and deservedly, as a leader of his beloved sport – Thomas “Thomi” Keller is portrayed in a new biography by David Owen, aptly entitled Thomi Keller: A Life In Sport (Independent Publishing Network). Göran R. Buckhorn of ‘Hear the Boat Sing’ fame is our knowledgeable reviewer, and he reallyenjoyed the read.
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