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    Call for Papers | “Agency and Institutions in Sport”, Special Issue of European Sport Management Quarterly | Call ends November 1, 2022

    For this special issue we are particularly interested in empirical research that demonstrates clear theoretical contributions to advance our understanding of contemporary institutional work scholarship. Drawing on recent reviews we feel there are several themes that present opportunities to leverage distinctive empirical opportunities within sport and contribute to broader theoretical discussions around agency in institutional scholarship.

    Call for Papers |“Sport and Covid-19: Impacts and challenges for the future”, Special Issue of European Sport Management Quarterly | Call ends August 31, 2020

    The aim of this special issue is to explore the impacts of, and future challenges facing, sport from COVID-19. Contributions are welcome from across all settings, exploring all outcomes, and connected with personal, leadership, organisational, management and resourcing issues. We invite contributors to examine conceptually, empirically and theoretically, these impacts and future implications of Covid-19 on sport.

    Call for Papers | “Societal impact of elite sport: Benefits and harms” | Special Issue of European Sport Management Quarterly. Call ends May 30, 2020

    Contributors may come from any social or human science discipline, including sport management, marketing, sport policy, sociology, sport psychology, sport economics... Robust qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research approaches that would focus on the societal impact of elite sport are welcome. We are looking for studies that advance theory and knowledge on the understanding of societal impact of elite sport.

    Call for Papers | “Exploring new routes within brand research in sport management” | Special Issue of European Sport Management Quarterly. Call ends November 30, 2018

    Sport brand management is a global and up-to-date research topic. However, little research focuses on future aspects of brand research in sport management. Meanwhile, sport managers face unprecedented challenges between brand heritage and brand innovation. For example, fans do not agree any more with their clubs’ or associations’ focus on brand development.

    Call for Papers | Joint Special Issue of ESMQ 2017, Vol. 17 (1) | Corruption in sport & Sport management issues in an era of austerity

    Corruption in sport Guest Editors Associate Professor Lisa. A. Kihl, University of Minnesota Dr. Terry Engelberg, Griffith University Professor James Skinner, Loughborough University Professor Stephen Moston, University of Canberra Sport corruption is a worldwide threat to the integrity of sport, creating significant challenges for sport management scholars and practitioners. The sport industry has experienced multiple forms of corruption (e.g., fraud, bribery) that has ranged in...

    Call for Papers | “Information, Knowledge Creation and Innovation Management in Sport” | Special issue of European Sport Management Quarterly

    Sport management is essentially a knowledge-driven business, which relies heavily on the ability of managers to effectively acquire and interpret information, and to create and manage new knowledge. Despite the fundamental importance of knowledge to management, the academic sport management community has failed to systematically address how sport managers deal with creativity, innovations, information and knowledge management. Most work...

    Call for ESMQ 2017 Special Issue Proposals

    European Sport Management Quarterly (ESMQ) invites Special Issue (2017) proposals on clearly defined sport management topics that have broad appeal and meet the aims and scope of the journal. Special Issues provide an excellent opportunity to review a topic, examine gaps in scholarship, and encourage new approaches and domains of research. Proposals must outline the relevance of the topic, the purpose...
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