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    Call for Papers | “Separate but Equal? Women-Identifying Athlete Experiences & Intersectionality in Intercollegiate Athletics”, Special Issue of Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education | Call ends...

    With this special issue, we seek to build critical scholarship on athletics in higher education that considers the diversity of gender expressions; continued contestations and challenges to the term “woman athlete”; how other forms of power (e.g., race, class, ethnicity, nationality) intersect with gender; how sex and sexuality differently shape gender; and the multitude of ways gender is experienced and expressed (e.g., institutionalized, embodied, as a state project).

    Call for Book Chapter Proposals | Social Justice and the Modern Athlete: Exploring the Role of Athlete Activism in Social Change. Call ends April 30, 2021

    The overarching focus of the book is to explore the role athletes have played in raising awareness of and advancing social justice issues. Authors are asked to consider various aspects of athlete involvement and influence, using a wide range of theoretical perspectives. Please note that although the book will provide an early historical chapter as the foundation for exploring athlete activism, it focuses on the past 30 years (1990-present), reaching beyond the Civil Rights era. 

    Call for papers | Equality and Diversity in the Professional Events Sector | Special issue of Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events

    White men dominate high profile events and industry publications. It is becoming increasingly evident via social media platforms that there is discomfort around the prominence of all male panels and conferences whether academic or corporate. Papers in this special issue will help to inform research and teaching to foster internationally-focused and socially responsible graduates.