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    Call for Papers | Ephemera 40: Women Challenging Expectations | The Ephemera Society of America Annual Conference, Greenwich, CT, March 27, 2020

    There are countless stories of women who have challenged social expectations to accomplish great things in the arts, humanities, medicine, science, sports, politics and the military. Ephemera 40 will focus on the accomplishments of such women around the world and over the centuries contributions to society that have all too often been overlooked.

    Call for Papers | Ephemera 35 – Ephemera of the “Sporting Life”, New York 2015

    Sports, games, play – they represent a major part of our lives. Some activities have been around in various forms for centuries, some for just a few years.  The ephemera of “The Sporting Life” tells us about how our lives and our passions have  evolved over time, what has consumed us and what has been a passing fancy.  Sports, games...
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