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    Call for Papers | “Emerging Sports: Participants, Groups and Movements” | Special Issue of Sociological Focus. Call ends March 30, 2021

    This call for papers is both interdisciplinary and international in scope and not restricted to any specific theoretical or methodological perspective. The goal is to feature scholarship on topics outside the established research on traditional, achievement-focused institutionalized sports. Research approaches may focus on individual participants, groups, organizations, social movements and other macro-level analyses.

    Call for Papers | “Power at Play” | Journal of Emerging Sport Studies Digital Symposium, October 16–18, 2020. Call ends June 30, 2020

    The symposium theme, “Power at Play,” aims to examine ways sport acts as a catalyst of personal and community empowerment, while simultaneously reinforcing societal power structures. Our purpose is to bring together emerging and established researchers and professionals in an online, open-access forum. Here, participants can freely engage in active conversation and debate surrounding significant issues affecting the past, present, and future of sport in society.
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