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    The sport of tennis – constantly in the frontline of sport history

    Five hundred pages, forty-five chapters, forty-nine authors – the Routledge Handbook of Tennis: History, Culture and Politics is a veritable treasure trove for academic tennis aficionados. Edited by renowned tennis historian Robert J. Lake, the volume elicited numerous unsolicited enthusiastic exclamations of appreciation and joy from our reviewer, renowned historian of Swedish tennis Johnny Wijk. Actually, his only complaint was the glaring paucity of Swedish tennis.

    Tennis – från den viktorianska prästgårdens gräsmatta till Wimbledon

    Populärhistoria av bästa engelska snitt, tycker Hans Bolling om Elisabeth Wilsons tennishistorik Love Game: A History of Tennis, From Victorian Pastime to Global Phenomenon – lärd, sofistikerad och eftertänksam.
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