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    Sport, Education and Society, Volume 28, 2023, Issue 5

    Sport, Education and Society encourages contributions from social scientists and educationalists studying the relationships between pedagogy, ‘the body’ and society, The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: ‘Selling youth sport: the production and promotion of immaterial values in commercialised child and youth sport by Jesper Karlsson, Magnus Kilger, Åsa Bäckström & Karin Redelius (open access).

    Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, Volume 41, 2022, Issue 4

    The purpose of JTPE is to communicate national and international research and stimulate discussion, study, and critique of teaching, teacher education, and curriculum as these fields relate to physical activity in schools and sport. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Long-Term Effects of a Movement Intervention Program for Children With Probable Developmental Coordination Disorder by Ilana Santos de Oliveira, Bárbara Coiro Spessato, Dayana da Silva Oliveira, Romulo José César Lins, Silvia Wanick Sarinho.
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