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    Call for Chapters | Participatory Research in Sport and Exercise, Edited Volume | Call ends June 1, 2022

    In this edited volume, we bring together chapters from a variety of experts to critically discuss the practicalities of “doing” participatory research in sport and exercise. The focus on “how to” conduct this kind of research is novel and represents an important resource for students and researchers interested in diverse approaches to knowledge production. The volume will be a timely and useful resource for a variety of graduate level methodology courses in these disciplines.

    Call for Papers | “The Contemporary Trends in Sports Engagement: Social and Cultural Perspectives”, Special Issue of Societies | Call ends January 31, 2023

    Various protests and social movements have drawn public and scholarly attention to racial injustice, sexual harassment and gender inequality, and violence in the context of professional and collegiate sports and beyond. In a related yet different vein, the COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated sport engagement significantly. In this Special Issue, our primary aim is to unpack such complexities by addressing how contemporary social and cultural events and trends interact with varying dimensions of sport engagement.
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