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    Call for Papers | “Professionalization of Sports Coaching from a Scandinavian Horizon”, Special Issue of Sport in Society | Call ends September 1, 2022

    The social sciences – such as sociology, history, cultural studies, anthropology, didactics, socio-legal studies – seem to have a rather marginal position in scholarly studies of coaching, whereas behavioral sciences, and especially psychology seem to dominate coaching studies. This special issue has the ambition to challenge and widen the contemporary understanding of the coach and coaching practices, particularly in relation to social issues, influences, culture and changes, by an imperative focus on social science.

    Call for Papers | “Coaching Behaviour: Conceptual, Methodological and Empirical Considerations”, Special Issue od Sports Coaching Review. Call ends September 30, 2022

    This special issue is about formulating ways to apply observational methods to further understanding, changing and/or monitoring coach behaviour and advancing pedagogical applications for coaches. Consequently, we think this is an opportune time to bring researchers’ working in coaching behaviour together through welcoming the submission of methodological, theoretical and empirical papers which offer an original contribution to what we can say we know in this area.

    Call for Papers Reminder | “Women in Sports Coaching: New Directions in Education, Research, and Advocacy” | Special Issue of Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal. Call ends...

    In line with the scope of WSPAJ, an essential element of any submitted manuscript should be to further thought, theory, and research on women in sport. We are particularly interested in articles that further advocacy, thought, theory, and research on women sport coaches. To that end, we welcome qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research submissions that address the pertinent issues.

    Call for Papers | Coach Developer Special Issue: “Global Advances in Coach Education” | International Sport Coaching Journal. Call ends July 31, 2018

    Coach developer is the umbrella term that describes the varied roles played by personnel engaged in the process of developing coaches. The research and best practices on and for coach developers is sparse, and this special issue of ISCJ aims to stimulate quality sport coaches who in turn use ethical and effective practices with athletes at all levels.

    Call for Papers | Critical Perspectives on Coaching. Call ends May 1, 2018

    We seek pieces that look at the shifting importance of the coach culturally, that examine representations within various forms of media, and that reflect on inequalities within the coaching profession. In total, this collection seeks pieces that look at the cultural importance of coaches not simply on the field and inside sporting arenas but within the larger cultural, political, and sociological landscapes.
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