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    Journal of Sport Management, Volume 37, 2023, Issue 2

    JSM encourages the submission of manuscripts in a number of areas as they relate to the management, governance, and consumption of sport. Studies using quantitative and/or qualitative approaches are welcomed. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Exploring (Semi) Professionalization in Women’s Team Sport Through a Continuum of Care Lens by Wendy O’Brien, Tracy Taylor, Clare Hanlon, Kristine Toohey (open access).

    Journal of Athlete Development and Experience, Volume 4, 2022, Issue 2

    JADE was founded to publish and promote research that focuses on people over profits. Editor’s pick from the current issue: The The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Organizational Support Factors for Minor League Baseball Player Development by Christopher M. McLeod, Nola Agha, and Simon Rosenblum-Larson.

    International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Vol. 57, 2022, No. 8

    IRSS is a peer reviewed academic journal. Its main purpose is to disseminate research and scholarship on sport throughout the international academic community. The journal publishes research articles of varying lengths, as well as book and media reviews. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Rising to the Gender Challenge in Scotland: Women's Embodiment of the Disposition to be Mountaineers by Emmanuelle Tulle (open access).

    Communication & Sport, Vol. 10, 2022, No. 2

    C&S is a cutting-edge peer-reviewed quarterly that publishes research to foster international scholarly understanding of the nexus of communication and sport that engages a broad intellectual community. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Major League Baseball Broadcasts and the Delineation of Traditional and Modern Fact Metrics by Zachary W. Arth and Andrew C. Billings.

    Journal of Sport & Social Issues, Vol. 46, 2022, No. 1

    JSSI brings you the latest research, discussion and analysis on contemporary sport issues. In JSSI scholars study the impact of sport on social issues from many perspectives. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: “Pretty Disgusted Honestly”: Exploring Fans’ Affective Responses on Facebook to the Modified Rules of Australian Football League Women’s by Adele Pavlidis, Kim Toffoletti, and Kellie Sanders.

    Sport Marketing Quarterly, Volume 30, 2021, Issue 4

    The Sport Marketing Quarterly (SMQ) is published quarterly and serves as an outlet for the dissemination of sport marketing information for both practicing professionals and academicians. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue:How Sports Sponsorship Influences a Sponsor’s Financial Performance: A Case Study from the Korea Baseball Organization by Hyun-Min Kim, Woon-Kyung Song and Sanghak Lee.

    International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, Vol. 21, 2021, No. 3/4

    The International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing (IJSMM), a refereed journal published four times per year, aims to present current practice and research in the area of sport management and marketing. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Strategic responses and disclosures in a sporting drugs scandal: the case of the Essendon Football Club by Abdel K. Halabi; Brendan O'Connell.

    A rich and highly relevant contribution to the emerging field of ecological sport studies

    Sport ecology is a growing trend in the study of sport that looks beyond what’s happening on the pitch, in the rink or at the running tracks, and cares rather more about sport’s ecological footprints. A recent contribution to this emerging field is an anthology edited by Brian Wilson, and Brad Millington, Sport and the Environment: Politics and Preferred Futures (Emerald Publishing). Our reviewer is Daniel Svensson, and he finds the book to be a preferred roadmap towards a preferred future.

    Sport Management Review, Volume 23, 2020, Issue 5

    Sport Management Review is published as a service to sport industries worldwide. It is a multidisciplinary journal concerned with the management, marketing, and governance of sport at all levels and in all its manifestations. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: AN EXPLORATION OF THE DISTRACTIONS INHERENT TO SOCIAL MEDIA USE AMONG ATHLETES by Michelle Hayes, Kevin Filo, Andrea Geurin, Caroline Riot.

    Journal of Sports Economics, Vol. 21, 2020, No. 7

    The aim of the Journal of Sports Economics is to further research in the area of sports economics by bringing together theoretical and empirical research in a single intellectual venue. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: DO YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR? SALARY AND EX ANTE PLAYER VALUE IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL by John L. Solow and Anthony C. Krautmann.
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