Communication & Sport, Vol. 10, 2022, No. 2


Open Access
Changing the Esport Debate: An Upstart Establishes Firm Footing in the Sports Arena
Andrew C. Billings and Marie Hardin

Research Articles

Motivational Differences Among Viewers of Traditional Sports, Esports, and NBA 2K League
Ryan Rogers, Lee Farquhar, and Jacob Mummert

Active Within Structures: Predictors of Esports Gameplay and Spectatorship
Tang Tang, Jake Kucek, and Steven Toepfer

Fulfilling the Basic Psychological Needs of Esports Fans: A Self-Determination Theory Approach
Tyreal Yizhou Qian, Jerred Junqi Wang, James Jianhui Zhang, and John Hulland

Gaming Gone Viral: An Analysis of the Emerging Esports Narrative Economy
Joshua I. Newman, Hanhan Xue, Nicholas M. Watanabe, Grace Yan, and Christopher M. McLeod

Let’s Watch Live Streaming: How Streamer Credibility Influences Brand Attitude in Esports Streamer Marketing
Qingru Xu, Hanyoung Kim, and Andrew C. Billings

Resource Mobilization’s Effect on the Social Construction of Identity on Twitter: A Case Study of J.J. Watt’s Hurricane Harvey Relief
Jake Andrew Kucek

Open Access
Prejudice in the People’s Game: A Content Analysis of Race/Ethnicity in Polish Televised Football
Arne van Lienden and Jacco van Sterkenburg

The Rio 2016 Paralympic Games: The Visibility of People With Disabilities in Brazil as a Possible Legacy
Doralice Lange de Souza and Ian Brittain


Major League Baseball Broadcasts and the Delineation of Traditional and Modern Fact Metrics
Zachary W. Arth and Andrew C. Billings

Smart Stadium as a Laboratory of Innovation: Technology, Sport, and Datafied Normalization of the Fans
Chamee Yang and C. L. Cole

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