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    PALAESTRA: Adapted Sport, Physical Education, and Recreational Therapy Vol. 36, 2022 No. 4

    PALAESTRA is a quarterly publication designed to be a single responsible source of valuable information for those interested in sport, physical education, and recreation involving individuals with disabilities. Focus is on people, not disabilities. The Forum Editor’s pick from the current issue: Beneficial Effects of Access to a Disability Sports Facility on Mental and Physical Health of Patrons by Joy Cabador, Mike Cottingham, Alyson Galanga.

    World Leisure Journal, Volume 61, 2019, Issue 4: Leisure and Innovation: Exploring Boundaries

    As the official journal of the World Leisure Organisation, the purpose of the World Leisure Journal is to stimulate and communicate research, theory, and critical thought in all areas that address leisure, including play, recreation, the arts and culture, sport, festivals, events and celebrations, health and fitness, and travel and tourism. 
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