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    Important study, groundbreaking results, problematic conclusions

    Anne Tjønndal reviews an edited volume from Palgrave Macmillan, Sport and Social Entrepreneurship in Sweden by Tomas Peterson & Katarina Schenker. Our reviewer hails the study as an important contribution to the scholarly field of social innovation and entrepreneurship in sport, but she has serious misgivings about some of the concluding theses.

    International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Volume 9, 2018, Issue 2

    Launched in 2010, this double-blind peer-reviewed journal seeks to advance knowledge in the field of events and to enhance the uptake of such knowledge by practitioners in the field. Whilst publishing theoretical and practical articles, articles will include a section on how the findings can be adopted by practitioners in the field.

    Disputation | Vilje til inklusjon – studier av innovasjon for sosial inkludering i idrett av Anne Tjønndal , Nord universitet | Auditorium Elsa Laula Renberg, Bodø, den 25 juni...

    Studien har et multippelt casestudiedesign og består av 4 case. Case 1 handler om inklusjon i toppidrett, case 2 om inklusjon i breddeidrett, case 3 om inkludering gjennom samarbeid mellom offentlig og frivillig sektor i utviklingen av aktivitetstilbud, og case 4 om inkludering gjennom nye idrettsaktiviteter. Hvert case utgjør en artikkel i avhandlingen.

    Brilliant introduction to a critical sociology of sport

    Eric Anderson’s successful 2010 book Sport, Theory and Social Problems: A Critical Introduction has evolved into a revised and enlarged second edition, co-authored with Adam White (Routledge). While regretting a rather narrow perspective in the application of the profusion of sociological theories in the book, our reviewer Anne Tjønndal is none the less both impressed and ensorcelled.

    Thought-provoking perspectives on the future of sports – digital and otherwise

    In his latest book Sport 2.0: Transforming Sports for a Digital World, Andy Miah, diligent and versatile Professor of Science Communication and Future Media, University of Salford, takes a giant, albeit somewhat speculative, leap into the unknown. Anne Tjønndal finds his ideas thrilling and highly stimulating, but also intriguing and slightly muddled.

    European Journal for Sport and Society, Vol. 14, 2017, Issue 4

    The European Journal for Sport and Society is the official journal of the European Association for Sociology of Sport, EASS. Its function is to enable an international discussion about current issues and to foster collaboration between researchers from all social scientific sub-disciplines. It’s published 4 times per year.

    Still highly relevant for sports scholars four years later

    Sport and Social Movements: From the Local to the Global by Jean Harvey, John Horne, Parissa Safai, Simon Darnell & Sebastien Courchesne-O’Neill (Bloomsbury) was published in 2014. Little has changed in the interplay between sport and globalization, and our reviewer Anne Tjønndal is keen to underline the need for continuous study of this field.

    Idrett, innovasjon og sosial inkludering: Fremveksten av Mixed Martial Arts i Norge

    Med utgangspunkt i sosial innovasjon som teoretisk og analytisk rammeverktøy utforsker Anne Tjønndal tre forskningsspørsmål: 1) Hvem deltar i norsk Mixed Martial Arts? 2) Bidrar MMA til økt inkludering ved å appellere til grupper som er underrepresentert i idretten? Og 3) hvordan og på hvilken måte kan fremveksten av Mixed Martial Arts forklares som sosial innovasjon?

    Much needed and well-developed book on business and management approaches to innovation in sport

    Sports innovation is an emerging field of research within sports, as part of sports entrepreneurship studies, and not surprisingly Vanessa Ratten is on top of it. Her new book Sports Innovation Management (Routledge) is reviewed by Anne Tjønndal, whose PhD project has a similar focus. She finds the book helpful, especially the business and management approach.

    At the intersection of sociology, sport and society: a summary of the Norwegian Journal of Sociology’s special issue on Sport

    Anne Tjønndal reviews the special issue of the Norwegian sociological journal on ‘Sport’ published on the occasion of ISSA’s 50th anniversary. In her meritorious presentation of the issue, Anne gives prominence to two articles that in different ways take ah holistic approach to the changing conditions of sport, health and physical activity in Norwegian society.
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