Sports, Volume 9, 2021, Issue 6

Cover Story

Article: “Is It Overtraining or Just Work Ethic?”: Coaches’ Perceptions of Overtraining in High-Performance Strength Sports
Lee Bell, Alan Ruddock, Tom Maden-Wilkinson, Dave Hembrough and David Rogerson
Sports 2021, 9(6), 85; doi:10.3390/sports9060085


Review: Golf as a Physical Activity to Potentially Reduce the Risk of Falls in Older Adults with Parkinson’s Disease
Rebecca R. Bliss and Frank C. Church
Sports 2021, 9(6), 72; doi:10.3390/sports9060072

Review: Troubleshooting a Nonresponder: Guidance for the Strength and Conditioning Coach
Benjamin H. Gleason, William G. Hornsby, Dylan G. Suarez, Matthew A. Nein and Michael H. Stone
Sports 2021, 9(6), 83; doi:10.3390/sports9060083

Review: Training Load Monitoring Considerations for Female Gaelic Team Sports: From Theory to Practice
John D. Duggan, Jeremy A. Moody, Paul J. Byrne, Stephen-Mark Cooper and Lisa Ryan
Sports 2021, 9(6), 84; doi:10.3390/sports9060084

Article: Association of the Yips and Musculoskeletal Problems in Highly Skilled Golfers: A Large Scale Epidemiological Study in Japan
Yasufumi Gon, Daijiro Kabata, Sadahito Kawamura, Masahito Mihara, Ayumi Shintani, Ken Nakata and Hideki Mochizuki
Sports 2021, 9(6), 71; doi:10.3390/sports9060071

Article: Change of Direction Speed and Technique Modification Training Improves 180° Turning Performance, Kinetics, and Kinematics
Thomas Dos’Santos, Christopher Thomas, Alistair McBurnie, Paul Comfort and Paul A. Jones
Sports 2021, 9(6), 73; doi:10.3390/sports9060073

Article: Does Eligibility Classification Matter? Tracking Cardiac Autonomic Function during a Collegiate Soccer Season
Rohan Edmonds, Rowan Kraft, Melissa Cantu, Elizabeth Meister, P. J. Huynh, Scott Bankers and Jacob Siedlik
Sports 2021, 9(6), 74; doi:10.3390/sports9060074

Article: Does the Multistage 20-m Shuttle Run Test Accurately Predict VO2max in NCAA Division I Women Collegiate Field Hockey Athletes?
Meghan K. Magee, Jason B. White, Justin J. Merrigan and Margaret T. Jones
Sports 2021, 9(6), 75; doi:10.3390/sports9060075

Article: A Comparison of Match Demands Using Ball-in-Play versus Whole Match Data in Professional Soccer Players of the English Championship
Dylan Mernagh, Anthony Weldon, Josh Wass, John Phillips, Nimai Parmar, Mark Waldron and Anthony Turner
Sports 2021, 9(6), 76; doi:10.3390/sports9060076

Article: Impact of Red Spinach Extract Supplementation on Bench Press Performance, Muscle Oxygenation, and Cognitive Function in Resistance-Trained Males
James T. Haynes IV, Jeremy R. Townsend, Marko A. Aziz, Megan D. Jones, Laurel A. Littlefield, Matthew D. Ruiz, Kent D. Johnson and Adam M. Gonzalez
Sports 2021, 9(6), 77; doi:10.3390/sports9060077

Article: Maximum Strength Benchmarks for Difficult Static Elements on Rings in Male Elite Gymnastics
Christoph Schärer, Sarina Huber, Pascal Bucher, Claudio Capelli and Klaus Hübner
Sports 2021, 9(6), 78; doi:10.3390/sports9060078

Article: The Effect of Lower Body Anaerobic Pre-loading on Upper Body Ergometer Time Trial Performance
Priit Purge, Dmitri Valiulin, Allar Kivil, Alexander Müller, Gerhard Tschakert, Jaak Jürimäe and Peter Hofmann
Sports 2021, 9(6), 79; doi:10.3390/sports9060079

Article: Determination of a CrossFit® Benchmark Performance Profile
Nicole Meier, Stefan Rabel and Annette Schmidt
Sports 2021, 9(6), 80; doi:10.3390/sports9060080

Article: Prebiotic Food Intake May Improve Bone Resorption in Japanese Female Athletes: A Pilot Study
Tatsuya Ishizu, Eri Takai, Suguru Torii and Motoko Taguchi
Sports 2021, 9(6), 82; doi:10.3390/sports9060082

Article: Transient Reduction of FMD-Response and L-Arginine Accompanied by Increased Levels of E-Selectin, VCAM, and ICAM after Prolonged Strenuous Exercise
Christoffer Nyborg, Helene Støle Melsom, Martin Bonnevie-Svendsen, Jørgen Melau, Ingebjørg Seljeflot and Jonny Hisdal
Sports 2021, 9(6), 86; doi:10.3390/sports9060086

Article: Core Temperature during Cold-Water Triathlon Swimming
Lars Øivind Høiseth, Jørgen Melau, Martin Bonnevie-Svendsen, Christoffer Nyborg, Thijs M. H. Eijsvogels and Jonny Hisdal
Sports 2021, 9(6), 87; doi:10.3390/sports9060087

Perspective: Return to Basketball Play Following COVID-19 Lockdown
Dimitrios I. Bourdas, Emmanouil D. Zacharakis, Antonios K. Travlos and Athanasios Souglis
Sports 2021, 9(6), 81; doi:10.3390/sports9060081

Special Issues Open for Submissions

Research on Neuromuscular Function, Recovery and Physiological Adaptation
(Deadline: 31 July 2021)

Effects of Exercise on the Immune System
(Deadline: 31 July 2021)

Optimization of Health and Performance in Rugby Athletes
(Deadline: 31 July 2021)

The Effects of Physical Exercise on Children’s Health in a School Context
(Deadline: 31 July 2021)

Researching Sports Biomechanics for Disabled People
(Deadline: 30 August 2021)

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Recent Special Issue Reprints

Selected Papers from the 9th Greek Conference of Biochemistry and Physiology of Exercise
Vassilis Mougios (Ed.)
ISBN 978-3-0365-0428-5 (Hbk) ; ISBN 978-3-0365-0429-2 (PDF)
doi: 10.3390/books978-3-0365-0429-2

Improving Practice and Performance in Basketball
Aaron Scanlan and Vincent Dalbo (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03921-694-9 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03921-695-6 (PDF)
doi: 10.3390/books978-3-03921-695-6

Strength and Conditioning
Lee E. Brown (Ed.)
ISBN 978-3-03842-346-1 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03842-347-8 (PDF)
doi: 10.3390/books978-3-03842-347-8

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