Sports physiologist for Team Denmark. Apply by December 9, 2013

Join us in fighting for gold to Denmark – and be part of a strong team with good players.

team-danmark-squareWe are looking for a sports physiologist who can contribute to fulfil our central objectives: Top results on an interna-tional level, better conditions for each athlete as well as a strong and continuous talent development. The position is full time.

It is expected that the applicant has the following qualifications and experience:

    • Relevant professional and educational background minimum at candidate level
    • Knowledge about and experience with physiology and performance optimization on an international elite sports level
    • Minimum 3-5 years relevant, documented experience working – from educational and/or research institution, including guidance and counselling of athletes and teams on the highest international level.
    • Good written and spoken formulation skills, including good knowledge in the English language as well as good communication skills.
    • Personal impact and good cooperation skills.

Job profile

The position will contain the following tasks:

    • Counselling and guidance of athletes, coaches and performance managers about sports physiology and perfor-mance optimization in a multi-disciplinary sport cooperation with other experts from Team Danmark.
    • Counselling, guidance and communication about performance optimization in the daily training environment, in the lab, at training camps and at international competitions.
    • Analysis and evaluation of athletes and teams’ physical capacity and training based on physiological tests, ob-servations and data.
    • Counselling and guidance about training with focus on content, organization and carrying through of training programmes based on sports specific and individually based demands as well as identification of key para-metres for performance optimization.
    • Identification of specific development areas in performance optimization within each sport in cooperation with performance managers, coaches and other experts from Team Danmark.
    • Composition and maintenance of test and training equipment as well as counselling of sports federations and elite municipalities about test and training equipment.
    • Development and execution of technical projects within sports physiology and performance optimization in cooperation with research environments, educational institutions and commercial companies focusing on de-velopment and innovation.
    • Documentation and communication of knowledge about performance analysis and optimization within interna-tional elite sports.

The position is based in House of Sports, Brøndby (Copenhagen). We plan to fill the position from February 1st 2014 or soon thereafter. Salary according to qualifications.

For further information about the position please contact director Michael Andersen, tel. 0045 51 26 60 62 (mobile) or mail: or team leader Charlotte Falkentoft, tel. 0045 21 77 25 30 (mobile) or mail:

Application deadline is Monday, December 9th 2013 and interviews will be held in week 51 – 2013. Please send your application to

Team Danmark is a public independent institution working from basis in the ”Law of elite sports”. It is our aim to de-velop Danish elite sports in a social and responsible way. Please also see

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