Sports Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach Vol. 6, No. 5, September, 2014

sport_health300Better News!
Edward M. Wojtys

Primary Care
Is There Chronic Brain Damage in Retired NFL Players? Neuroradiology, Neuropsychology, and Neurology Examinations of 45 Retired Players
Ira R. Casson, David C. Viano, E. Mark Haacke, Zhifeng Kou, and Danielle G. LeStrange

Counseling Athletes on the Risk of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
Leah G. Concannon, Marla S. Kaufman, and Stanley A. Herring

Reported Concussion Rates for Three Division I Football Programs: An Evaluation of the New NCAA Concussion Policy
Kelly G. Kilcoyne, Jonathan F. Dickens, Steven J. Svoboda, Brett D. Owens, Kenneth L. Cameron, Robert T. Sullivan, and John-Paul Rue

Traumatic Migraine Versus Concussion: A Case Report
Quinton Lords and Jeffery P. Greene

The Relationship Between Initial Physical Examination Findings and Failure on Objective Validity Testing During Neuropsychological Evaluation After Pediatric Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Aaron J. Provance, E. Bailey Terhune, Christine Cooley, Patrick M. Carry, Amy K. Connery, Glenn H. Engelman, and Michael W. Kirkwood

Sports Physical Therapy
Surface Electromyographic Analysis of Core Trunk and Hip Muscles During Selected Rehabilitation Exercises in the Side-Bridge to Neutral Spine Position
James W. Youdas, Mallory M.P. Boor, Arynn L. Darfler, Margaret K. Koenig, Katherine M. Mills, and John H. Hollman

Viscosupplementation During Rehabilitation
Holly J. Silvers

Athletic Training
Assessing Postural Stability in the Concussed Athlete: What to Do, What to Expect, and When
Alexander Ruhe, René Fejer, Axel Gänsslen, and Wolfgang Klein

Athletic Trainers’ Management Practices and Referral Patterns for Adolescent Athletes After Sport-Related Concussion
Richelle M. Williams, Cailee E. Welch, Michelle L. Weber, John T. Parsons, and Tamara C. Valovich McLeod

Orthopaedic Surgery
Does a Syrinx Matter for Return to Play in Contact Sports? A Case Report and Evidence-Based Review of Return-to-Play Criteria After Transient Quadriplegia
Jeffrey L. Milles, Michael A. Gallizzi, Seth L. Sherman, Patrick A. Smith, and Theodore J. Choma

The Use of an Orthopaedic Rating System in Major League Baseball
Patrick J. McGahan, Jan Fronek, Heinz R. Hoenecke, Jr, and Daniel Keefe

Interaction of Gender and Body Composition on Rectus Femoris Morphology as Measured With Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging
Corina Martinez, Ashley Davis, Heather Myers, and Robert J. Butler

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