Sport&EU Review Vol 7 Issue 1, June 2015

Alexander Brand and Arne Niemann

Theorising the EU and International Sport: The Principal-Agent Model and Beyond
Arnout Geeraert & Edith Drieskens

The Aftermath of a Match-Fixing Case that Shook Two Nations: Insights into How Malta and Norway Are Seeking to Redeem Their Football
Dawn Aquilina & Angelo Chetcuti

The Beginnings and Development of European Sport Research at Universities: From Marginalisation to Fragmentation?
Karen Petry

Strategien gegen Rechtsextremismus im Fußballstadion [Strategies against Right-Wing Extremism in the Football Stadium]
By Daniel Duben.
Published by Peter Lang Edition, 2015, Frankfurt/Main etc. (430 pp., €49.95, hardcover) Reviewed by Alexander Brand

Sport & EU 10th Annual Conference Programme: ESSCA School of Management, Angers, France, 25-26 June 2015

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