Sport Sciences for Health, Vol. 9, Issue 3


Imaging of shoulder pain in overhead throwing athletes
Alberto Aliprandi , Silvana Sdao , Paola Maria Cannaò , Yasir Jamil Khattak , Stefano Longo , Luca Maria Sconfienza & Francesco Sardanelli

Original Articles

Exploring the positive involvement of primary motor cortex in observing motor sequences with music: a pilot study with tDCS
B. Colombo , C. Di Nuzzo , S. Missaglia , A. Mordente , A. Antonietti , F. Casolo & D. Tavian

Study on fitness tests of Chinese Northern Jiangsu undergraduate students by conventional and pattern recognition techniques
Qin Shi

Stress/recovery balance during the Girobio: profile of highly trained road cyclists
E. Filho , S. di Fronso , F. Forzini , T. Agostini , L. Bortoli , C. Robazza & M. Bertollo

Effects of three weight reduction methods on serum leptin and metabolic parameters in obese females
Z. Hojjati

Aerobic or resistance training improves anthropometric and metabolic parameters in overweight/obese women without any significant alteration in plasma vaspin levels
Alireza Safarzade , Arshin Abbaspour-Seyedii , Elahe Talebi-Garakani , Rozita Fathi & Marziyeh Saghebjoo

Effect of new type of compression garments on sub-maximal and maximal cycling performance in the heat (32°C)
Alfredo Brighenti , L. Bortolan , A. Savoldelli , R. Modena , B. Pellegrini & F. Schena

Effects of in-season short-term plyometric training on jumping and agility performance of basketball players
Abbas Asadi

Validation and reliability of the Dutch language version of the Modifiable Activity Questionnaire in healthy subjects
Cajsa Tonoli , Elsa Heyman , Bart Roelands , Baquets Georges , Serge Berthoin & Romain Meeusen

Neuromuscular adaptations to plyometric training: depth jump vs. countermovement jump on sand
Bahman Mirzaei , Ali Asghar Norasteh & Abbas Asadi

Goal scoring patterns in major European soccer leagues
Giampietro Alberti , F. Marcello Iaia , Enrico Arcelli , Luca Cavaggioni & Ermanno Rampinini

Short Communication

Zumba® Fitness workouts: are they an appropriate alternative to running or cycling?
Eric Sternlicht , Frank Frisch & Ken D. Sumida

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