Sport Sciences for Health, Vol. 9, Issue 2

ssh-dsOriginal Articles

Maximal oxygen uptake of Italian firefighters: laboratory vs. field evaluations
Fabrizio Perroni, Cristina Cortis, Carlo Minganti, Lamberto Cignitti & Laura Capranica

Using balance training to improve the performance of youth basketball players
Gabriele Boccolini, Alessandro Brazzit, Luca Bonfanti & Giampietro Alberti

Age-related changes of rhythmic ability in musically trained and untrained individuals
Flora Iannarilli, Caterina Pesce, Carla Persichini & Laura Capranica

Validation of the Italian version of the Student Athletes’ Motivation toward Sport and Academics Questionnaire
Flavia Guidotti, Carlo Minganti, Cristina Cortis, Maria Francesca Piacentini, Antonio Tessitore & Laura Capranica

RSA response to preseason training in semiprofessional soccer players
Fabrizio Perroni, Matteo Corvino, Lamberto Cignitti & Carlo Minganti

Evaluation of reliability of field tests to predict performance during Ironman Triathlon
Elisabetta Marongiu, Antonio Crisafulli, Marco Pinna, Giovanna Ghiani, Nardino Degortes, Alberto Concu & Filippo Tocco

Dynamic modeling for sportswomen health
Soheila Yavarmasroor, Zahra Hojjati Zidashti & Akbar Khodaparast Haghi

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