Sport Management Review, Volume 20, 2017, Issue 1

Reviews and Theoretical Advances

Contemporary qualitative research methods in sport management
Original Research Article Pages 4-7
Larena Hoeber, Sally Shaw

Insiders, outsiders, and agents of change: First person action inquiry in community sport management
Review Article Pages 8-19
Kyle A. Rich, Laura Misener

A post-social conceptual framework for exploring object narratives in sport organisations
Review Article Pages 20-32
Aaron C.T. Smith, Clare Humphries

A narrative approach: The possibilities for sport management
Review Article Pages 33-42
A. Stride, H.F. Fitzgerald, W. Allison

Autoethnography as a critical approach in sport management: Current applications and directions for future research
Review Article Pages 43-54
Joseph N. Cooper, Robin S. Grenier, Charles Macaulay

Talanoa: A contemporary qualitative methodology for sport management
Review Article Pages 55-68
Rochelle Stewart-Withers, Koli Sewabu, Sam Richardson

Sport-for-development: Inclusive, reflexive, and meaningful research in low- and middle-income settings
Review Article Pages 69-80
Emma Sherry, Nico Schulenkorf, Emma Seal, Matthew Nicholson, Russell Hoye

Research Articles

“Looking back (and forth)”: Acknowledging the people who make personal narratives plausible
Original Research Article Pages 81-91
Richard Keith Wright

Extending sport-based entrepreneurship theory through phenomenological inquiry
Original Research Article Pages 92-104
Florian Hemme, Dominic G. Morais, Matthew T. Bowers, Janice S. Todd

Authenticity matters: A digital ethnography of FIA World Rally Championship fan forums
Original Research Article Pages 105-113
Hans Erik Næss

Collaborative self-study: Lessons from a study of wearable fitness technology and physical activity
Original Research Article Pages 114-127
Bradley J. Baker, Xiaochen Zhou, Anthony D. Pizzo, James Du, Daniel C. Funk

Basketball officiating as a gendered arena: An autoethnography
Original Research Article Pages 128-141
Claire C. Schaeperkoetter

Book Review

Emma Sherry, Nico Schulenkorf, Pamm Phillips. Managing sport development: An international approach (1st ed.) Routledge 2 Park Square, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 4RN (2016). 189 pp., ISBN: 978-1-138-80271-1
Pages 142-143
Sally Shaw

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