Sport Management Review, Volume 19, 2016, Issue 4

smr-dsReviews and Theoretical Advances

Capacity building in nonprofit sport organizations: Development of a process model
Review Article, Pages 365-377
Patti Millar, Alison Doherty

Research Articles

The uniqueness of sport: Testing against marketing’s empirical laws
Original Research Article, Pages 378-390
Bradley J. Baker, Heath McDonald, Daniel C. Funk

Foreign players and competitive balance in Greek basketball and handball championships
Original Research Article, Pages 391-401
Panagiotis Meletakos, Dimitrios Chatzicharistos, Nikolaos Apostolidis, Vasilios Manasis, Ioannis Bayios

Stakeholder perceptions on the democratic governance of major sports events
Original Research Article, Pages 402-416
Milena M. Parent

Challenges for sport development: Women’s entry level cycling participation
Original Research Article, Pages 417-430
Katie Rowe, David Shilbury, Lesley Ferkins, Erica Hinckson

Self-categorization process in sport: An examination of the “Linsanity” phenomenon in Taiwan
Original Research Article, Pages 431-440
Kuan-Ju Chen, Joe Phua

Five dimensions of brand personality traits in sport
Original Research Article, Pages 441-453
Chanho Kang, Gregg Bennett, Jon Welty Peachey

Case Study

An unacceptable status quo: A sport development case study of swimming and drownings
Pages 454-465
Brennan K. Berg, Carol C. Irwin, Paul M. Wright, Richard L. Irwin, Michael Hutchinson

Leveraging events to ensure enduring benefits: The legacy strategy of the 2015 AFC Asian Cup
Pages 466-474
Sheranne Fairley, Hannah Lovegrove, Michael Brown

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