Sport Management Review, Volume 19, 2016, Issue 3

smr-dsReviews and Theoretical Advances

Unclipping our wings: Ways forward in qualitative research in sport management
Review Article, Pages 255-265
Sally Shaw, Larena Hoeber

Research Articles

The formation of interorganisational cliques in New Zealand rugby
Original Research Article, Pages 266-278
Trevor Meiklejohn, Geoff Dickson, Lesley Ferkins

A method to evaluate countries’ organisational capacity: A four country comparison in athletics
Original Research Article, Pages 279-292
Jasper Truyens, Veerle De Bosscher, Popi Sotiriadou, Bruno Heyndels, Hans Westerbeek

Quantifying the effect of sponsor awareness and image on the sports involvement–purchase intention relationship
Original Research Article, Pages 293-305
Catherine Bachleda, Ahlam Fakhar, Zineb Elouazzani

Social impact of Formula One Chinese Grand Prix: A comparison of local residents’ perceptions based on the intrinsic dimension
Original Research Article, Pages 306-318
Luke Lunhua Mao, Haiyan Huang

Affective response to gambling promotions during televised sport: A qualitative analysis
Original Research Article, Pages 319-331
Matthew Lamont, Nerilee Hing, Peter Vitartas

Young people’s perspectives of parent volunteerism in community youth sport
Original Research Article, Pages 332-342
Dawn E. Trussell

Case Study

RunTex: A community landmark run out of business
Pages 343-351
Emily S. Sparvero, Stacy Warner, Jacob K. Tingle

Image recovery from negative media coverage of a sport event: Destination, venue, and event considerations
Pages 352-360
Sheranne Fairley, Hannah Lovegrove, Brianna L. Newland, B. Christine Green

Book Reviews

S. Frawley, D. Adair, Managing the Football World Cup1st ed.(2014), Palgrave MacMillan, Houndsmille, Basingstoke, Hampshire ISBN-978-1-137-37366-3 (print hardback), 248 pp.
Pages 361-362
Shane Gibson

M.T. Brown, D.A. Rascher, M.S. Nagel, C.D. McEvoy, Financial Management in the Sport Industry2nd edition(2016), Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers, Scottsdale, AZ 85258, USA RRP $US62.00 ISBN-978-1-62159-011-8 (paperback), 488 pages. The text is also available as an e-book and hardcopy bundle (as per Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers website).
Pages 363-364
Carolyn Cordery

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