Sport History Review Volume 46, Issue 1, May 2015

shr300Editor’s Note
Special Issue of Sport History Review: A Ten-Year Retrospective on “the Best” of SHR
Don Morrow

Invited Commentaries
Sport History Review: A Retrospective
M. Ann Hall

Recalling the Past: Imagining the Future
Colin D. Howell

Introductions and Scholarly Articles
« L’histoire de l’histoire du sport et de l’EP en France », dix ans après…
Christian Vivier, Jean François Loudcher

Histoire de L’Histoire du Sport et de L’Éducation Physique en France
Christian Vivier, Jean François Loudcher, Gilles Vieille-Marchiset

Lance Armstrong and George W. Bush: French Anti-Americanism and Texan Traditionalism in le Tour and the War
Peter Carr

A Few Personal Reflections
Steven W. Pope

Rethinking Sport, Empire, and American Exceptionalism
Steven W. Pope

Urbanization, Women’s Body Image, and Women’s Sport under Chinese Socialism 1949–1979: A Historical Review
Huan Xiong

Reflections on the Historian’s Craft—Chance, Coincidence, and Other “Freaks” of Research
Darcy Ingram

“We Are No Longer Freaks”: The Cyclists’ Rights Movement in Montreal
Darcy Ingram

When a Stranger Comes to Town
Daniel A. Nathan

“The Nonpareil, the Runner of the Ages”: Paavo Nurmi and His 1925 American Exhibition Tour
Daniel A. Nathan

Remembering the Remembering
Russell Field

Chasing My Grandfather’s Shadow: The Transformation of Geza Feldman and the Role of Physical Activity in the Life of George Field
Russell Field

Book Reviews
SHR Book Reviews for May 2015
Robert Knight Barney, Douglas Booth, Heather L. Dichter, Sarah K. Fields, Rob Owens, Lindsay Parks Pieper

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