Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 8, 2019, Issue 1

Psychophysiology of sport, exercise, and performance: Past, present, and future
Cooke, Andrew; Ring, Christopher

Analogy instructions promote efficiency of cognitive processes during hockey push-pass performance
van Duijn, Tina; Hoskens, Merel C. J.; Masters, Rich S. W.

Elevated state anxiety alters cerebral cortical dynamics and degrades precision cognitive-motor performance
Lo, Li-Chuan; Hatfield, Bradley D.; Wu, Chien-Ting; Chang, Chih-Chieh; Hung, Tsung-Min

Exploration of event-related dynamics of brain oscillations in ice hockey shooting
Christie, Sommer; Werthner, Penny; Bertollo, Maurizio

Pupillometry during golf putting: A new window on the cognitive mechanisms underlying quiet eye
Campbell, Mark J.; Moran, Aidan P.; Bargary, Norma; Surmon, Sean; Bressan, Liz; Kenny, Ian C.

Challenge and threat states, performance, and attentional control during a pressurized soccer penalty task
Brimmell, Jack; Parker, John; Wilson, Mark R.; Vine, Samuel J.; Moore, Lee J.

Tyrosine intake and cardiovascular responses in a motivated performance situation
Hase, Adrian; Gorrie-Stone, Tyler; Freeman, Paul

When the going gets tough, who gets going? An examination of the relationship between narcissism, effort, and performance
Roberts, Ross; Cooke, Andrew; Woodman, Tim; Hupfeld, Hannah; Barwood, Clare; Manley, Harry

Effects of low and moderate acute resistance exercise on executive function in community-living older adults
Naderi, Aynollah; Shaabani, Fatemeh; Esmaeili, Ali; Salman, Zahra; Borella, Erika; Degens, Hans

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