Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology Volume 2, Issue 3

sepp-dsProgressing measurement in mental toughness: A response to Clough, Earle, Perry, and Crust.
Page 157-172
Gucciardi, Daniel F.; Hanton, Sheldon; Mallett, Clifford J.

Factors that influence parents’ experiences at junior tennis tournaments and suggestions for improvement.
Page 173-189
Knight, Camilla J.; Holt, Nicholas L.

Successful talent development in soccer: The characteristics of the environment.
Page 190-206
Larsen, Carsten H.; Alfermann, Dorothee; Henriksen, Kristoffer; Christensen, Mette K.

On the optimal focus of attention for efficient running at high intensity.
Page 207-219
Schücker, Linda; Anheier, Wiebke; Hagemann, Norbert; Strauss, Bernd; Völker, Klaus

A psychophysiological profile of winners and losers in sport competition.
Page 220-231
Hunt, Carly A.; Rietschel, Jeremy C.; Hatfield, Bradley D.; Iso-Ahola, Seppo E

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