Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology, Volume 10, 2021, Issue 3

Sport Psychology

The interplay between normative feedback and self-critical perfectionism in predicting competitive tennis players’ competence, tension, and enjoyment: An experimental study.
Pages 345-358
De Muynck, Gert-Jan; Vansteenkiste, Maarten; Morbée, Sofie; Vandenkerckhove, Beatrijs; Vande Broek, Gert; Soenens, Bart.

Do youth soccer academies provide developmental experiences that prepare players for life beyond soccer? A retrospective account in the United Kingdom.
Pages 359-380.
Rongen, Fieke; McKenna, Jim; Cobley, Stephen; Till, Kevin.

Foresee the glory and train better: Narcissism, goal-setting, and athlete training.
Pages 381-393.
Zhang, Shuge; Roberts, Ross; Woodman, Tim; Pitkethly, Amanda; English, Cedric; Nightingale, David.

The differential interaction effect of mastery and performance climate on athletes’ emotional and physical exhaustion: The role of athletes’ gratitude.
Pages 394-407.
Chen, Lung Hung; Wu, Chia-Huei; Ni, Ying-Lien; Kuo, Che-Chun.

A practical guide and empirical example for implementing ecological momentary assessment in sport psychology research with athletes.
Pages 408-422.
Reifsteck, Erin J.; Anderson, Shelby N.; Newton, Jamian D.; Maher, Jaclyn P.

Performance Psychology

Purpose after service through sport: A social identity-informed program to support military veteran well-being.
Pages 423-437.
Waldhauser, Katrina J.; O’Rourke, Joseph J.; Jackson, Ben; Dimmock, James A.; Beauchamp, Mark R.

The effectiveness of team reflexivity interventions: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Pages 438-473.
Lines, Robin L. J.; Pietsch, Simon; Crane, Monique; Ntoumanis, Nikos; Temby, Philip; Graham, Sally; Gucciardi, Daniel F.

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