Sista olympiska Routledge-temat: Winter Olympic Games

Routledge har under hösten presenterat egna texter ur tidskrifter och böcker på olika olympiska temats, med anledning av OS i London, varav vi vidarebefordrat flera till forumets läsare. Det sista urvalet kom strax innan jul, och handlar om vinter-OS.

Winter Olympic ice skating.

In 2014 Sochi, Russia will host the Winter Olympic Games. Sochi was selected as the host city in 2007, defeating bids from Salzburg and Pyeongchang. The Sochi Games are the first Olympics, Winter or Summer, to take place in in the post-Soviet Russian Federation.

Since their inception, the Winter Olympic Games have evolved to include more and more sports. Original sports included alpine and cross-country skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, Nordic combined, ski jumping and speed skating. New sports have been permanently introduced, such as luge, short track speed skating and freestyle skiing.

As the Games develop and grow and as Sochi prepares itself, we consider the topical issues involved with hosting such an event, such as:

  • the environment and the Games’ close proximity to nature;
  • the impact the Games can have on the host city’s tourism and development;
  • the experiences of volunteers at the 2010 Vancouver Games;
  • policy and how individuals participating in anti-Olympic events re-framed the right to public protest

There is also a selection of content focusing on the scientific aspects of the Winter Olympics, such as nutrition for winter sports and the analysis of elite ski jumping. Finally, we look back to the Albertville Games with Thierry Terry to examine the economic impact on France in the early 90’s and then jump forwards to the 2018 Pyeongchang Games to consider the political challenges faced here and during earlier bids made by South Korea.


From Lake Placid to Salt Lake City: The challenging growth of the Olympic Winter Games Since 1980
Jean-Loup Chappelet

Environmental problems and unintended consequences of the Winter Olympic Games: a case study of Sochi 2014
Natalia Prudnikova

Olympic environmental concerns as a legacy of the Winter Games
Jean-Loup Chappelet

Mega‐events tourism legacies: the case of the Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games – a territorialisation approach
Egidio Dansero & Matteo Puttilli

Gran Torino? The 2006 Olympic Winter Games and the tourism revival of an ancient city
Piervincenzo Bondonio & Chito Guala

Front line insight: an autoethnography of the Vancouver 2010 volunteer experience
Erin Kodama, Alison Doherty & Megan Popovic

(Re)Framing of protest at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games 
Nicolien van Luijk & Wendy Frisby

Nutrition for winter sports
Nanna L. Meyer, Melinda M. Manore & Christine Helle

Arousal pattern analysis of an Olympic champion in ski jumping
Martin Kusserow, Oliver Amft, Hanspeter Gubelmann & Gerhard Tröster

The Albertville Winter Olympics: unexpected legacies – failed expectations for regional economic development
Thierry Theret

Third time lucky!? PyeongChang’s bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics–politics, policy and practice
Udo Merkel & Misuk Kim


The 2014 Winter Olympics and the Evolution of Putin’s Russia
Robert Orttung & Sufian Zhemukhov
Publication due in July 2013

Chapter 3 – The Winter Olympics: Driving Urban Change, 1924–2014
Chapter taken from Olympic Cities ISBN: 9780203840740
Stephen J. Stephen

The Politics of the Olympics
Alan Bairner & Gyozo Molnar

The Making of Olympic Cities
John R. Gold & Margaret M. Gold

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