Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 28, January 2017

pse-dsHighlighted Articles

More efficient, perhaps, but at what price? Pleasure and enjoyment responses to high-intensity interval exercise in low-active women with obesity
Original Research Article, Pages 1-10
Emily S. Decker, Panteleimon Ekkekakis

Examining the home advantage in the National Hockey League: Comparisons among regulation, overtime, and the shootout
Pages 24-30
Matt D. Hoffmann, Todd M. Loughead, Jess C. Dixon, Alyson J. Crozier

Exploring the role of sport in the development of substance addiction
Original Research Article, Pages 46-57
Laurie A. de Grace, Camilla J. Knight, Wendy M. Rodgers, Alexander M. Clark

Mental health in retired professional football players: 12-month incidence, adverse life events and support
Original Research Article, Pages 85-90
Serena van Ramele, Haruhito Aoki, Gino M.M.J. Kerkhoffs, Vincent Gouttebarge

Development and initial validation of the Life Skills Scale for Sport
Original Research Article, Pages 105-119
Lorcan Donal Cronin, Justine Allen

Sport Psychology

A person-oriented approach to sport and school burnout in adolescent student-athletes: The role of individual and parental expectations
Original Research Article, Pages 58-67
Matilda Sorkkila, Kaisa Aunola, Tatiana V. Ryba

How perceived autonomy support and controlling coach behaviors are related to well- and ill-being in elite soccer players: A within-person changes and between-person differences analysis
Original Research Article, Pages 68-77
Boris Cheval, Aïna Chalabaev, Eleanor Quested, Delphine S. Courvoisier, Philippe Sarrazin

A Confirmatory Factor Analysis of the Performance Enhancement Attitude Scale for adult and adolescent athletes
Original Research Article, Pages 100-104
Adam R. Nicholls, Daniel J. Madigan, Andrew R. Levy

Perfectionism and achievement goals revisited: The 3 × 2 achievement goal framework
Pages 120-124
Daniel J. Madigan, Joachim Stoeber, Louis Passfield

Exercise Psychology

Effectiveness of a need supportive teaching training program on the developmental change process of graduate teaching assistants’ created motivational climate
Original Research Article, Pages 11-23
Jody L. Langdon, Robert Schlote, Bridget Melton, Damien Tessier

Self-doubt: Uncertainty as a motivating factor on effort in an exercise endurance task
Original Research Article, Pages 31-36
Alison Ede, Philip J. Sullivan, Deborah L. Feltz

On the bike and in the cubicle: The role of passion and regulatory focus in cycling and work satisfaction
Original Research Article, Pages 37-45
Matthew T. Luth, Carol L. Flinchbaugh, John Ross

Examining motor learning in older adults using analogy instruction
Original Research Article, Pages 78-84
Andy C.Y. Tse, Thomson W.L. Wong, Rich S.W. Masters

Age-related differences in physical activity and depressive symptoms among 10−19-year-old adolescents: A population based study
Original Research Article, Pages 91-99
Birna Baldursdottir, Heiddis B. Valdimarsdottir, Alexandra Krettek, Haukur Freyr Gylfason, Inga Dora Sigfusdottir

Mother runners in the blogosphere: A discursive psychological analysis of online recreational athlete identities
Original Research Article, Pages 125-135
Kerry R. McGannon, Jenny McMahon, Christine A. Gonsalves

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