Psychology of Sport and Exercise Vol. 16, Part 2, January 2015

pse-dsUnderstanding the psychology behind performance-enhancement by doping
Pages 137-139
Andrea Petróczi, Bernd Strauss

A critical analysis of three psychological research programs of doping behaviour
Original Research Article, Pages 140-148
Denis Hauw, Michael McNamee

A qualitative analysis of the factors that protect athletes against doping in sport
Original Research Article, Pages 149-155
Kelsey Erickson, Jim McKenna, Susan H. Backhouse

Patterns in the situated activity of substance use in the careers of elite doping athletes
Original Research Article, Pages 156-163
D. Hauw, S. Mohamed

Modal salient belief and social cognitive variables of anti-doping behaviors in sport: Examining an extended model of the theory of planned behavior
Original Research Article, Pages 164-174
Derwin King Chung Chan, Sarah Hardcastle, James A. Dimmock, Vanessa Lentillon-Kaestner, Robert J. Donovan, Matthew Burgin, Martin S. Hagger

The effects of self-affirmation manipulation on decision making about doping use in elite athletes
Original Research Article, Pages 175-181
Vassilis Barkoukis, Lambros Lazuras, Peter R. Harris

The preliminary development and validation of the Doping Confrontation Efficacy Scale
Original Research Article, Pages 182-190
Philip J. Sullivan, Deborah L. Feltz, Kaitlyn LaForge-MacKenzie, Seunghyun Hwang

Deceptive behavior in doping related interviews: The case of Lance Armstrong
Original Research Article, Pages 191-200
Valentino Zurloni, Barbara Diana, Cesare Cavalera, Luca Argenton, Massimiliano Elia, Fabrizia Mantovani

Self-fulfilling prophecy and the future of doping
Original Research Article, Pages 201-207
Stephen Moston, Terry Engelberg, James Skinner

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