Psychology of Sport and Exercise Vol. 14, Issue 4, July 2013

pse300Do the benefits from autonomy-supportive PE teacher training programs endure?: A one-year follow-up investigation
Sung Hyeon Cheon, Johnmarshall Reeve

The therapeutic benefits of sport in the rehabilitation of young sexual offenders: A qualitative evaluation of the Fight with Insight programme
Catherine E. Draper, Sheri Errington, Shaheda Omar, Stanley Makhita

Pitching and clutch hitting in Major League Baseball: What 109 years of statistics reveal
Mark P. Otten, Matthew E. Barrett

Web-based training improves on-field offside decision-making performance
Koen Put, Johan Wagemans, Arne Jaspers, Werner F. Helsen

An adolescent perspective on injury recovery and the return to sport
Leslie Podlog, Ross Wadey, Andrea Stark, Marc Lochbaum, James Hannon, Maria Newton

Use of relaxation skills in differentially skilled athletes
Katerina Kudlackova, David W. Eccles, Kristen Dieffenbach

Developing emotion abilities and regulation strategies in a sport organization: An action research intervention
Christopher R.D. Wagstaff, Sheldon Hanton, David Fletcher

The effects of avoidant instructions on golf putting proficiency and kinematics
John Toner, Aidan Moran, Robin Jackson

Defining and characterizing team resilience in elite sport
Paul B.C. Morgan, David Fletcher, Mustafa Sarkar

Daily fluctuations in the affective states of dancers: A cross-situational test of basic needs theory
Eleanor Quested, Joan L. Duda, Nikos Ntoumanis, Jonathan P. Maxwell

Biological maturation and physical activity in adolescent British females: The roles of physical self-concept and perceived parental support
Laura Jackson, Sean P. Cumming, Clemens Drenowatz, Martyn Standage, Lauren B. Sherar, Robert M. Malina

Deepening the measurement of motivation in the physical activity domain: Introducing behavioural resolve
Ryan E. Rhodes, Lori Horne

Using motivation regulations in a person-centered approach to examine the link between social physique anxiety in physical education and physical activity-related outcomes in adolescents
Anne E. Cox, Sarah Ullrich-French, Catherine M. Sabiston

Too much of a good thing? Examining the relationship between passion for exercise and exercise dependence
Kyle F. Paradis, Lisa M. Cooke, Luc J. Martin, Craig R. Hall

An ethnographic study of issues surrounding the provision of sport opportunities to young men from a western Canadian inner-city
Nicholas L. Holt, Jay Scherer, Jordan Koch

Psychological, psychophysical, and ergogenic effects of music in swimming
Costas I. Karageorghis, Jasmin C. Hutchinson, Leighton Jones, Hannah L. Farmer, Metin S. Ayhan, Rachel C. Wilson, Joshua Rance, Christopher J. Hepworth, Stewart G. Bailey

The relationship between aging expectations and various modes of physical activity among aging adults
Brad A. Meisner, Patricia L. Weir, Joseph Baker

Calibration processes in a serial talent test
Frowin Fasold, Daniel Memmert, Christian Unkelbach

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