Performance Enhancement & Health, Vol. 4, 2016, Issue 3-4

Pages 77-79
Herman Ram

Theorising unintended consequences of anti-doping policy
Pages 80-87
Ivan Waddington

Intended. Underrated. Disputed. The IOC Medical Commission’s “Subcommission on Doping and Biochemistry in Sport” between 1980 and 1988
Original Research Article, Pages 88-93
Jörg Krieger

‘Blurred lines’: Anti-doping, national policies, and the performance and image enhancing drug (PIED) market in Belgium and The Netherlands
Original Research Article, Pages 94-102
Katinka van de Ven

The myth of clean sport and its unintended consequences
Original Research Article, Pages 103-110
Paul Dimeo

The road to hell is paved with good intentions—A critical evaluation of WADA’s anti-doping campaign
Original Research Article, Pages 111-115
Verner Møller

What about the clean athletes? The need for positive psychology in anti-doping research
Original Research Article, Pages 116-122
Matt Englar-Carlson, John Gleaves, Emmanuel Macedo, Howard Lee

Who is more skilful? Doping and its implication on the validity, morality and significance of the sporting test
Original Research Article, Pages 123-129
Ask Vest Christiansen, Rasmus Bysted Møller

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