International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 11, 2016, Issue 4

ijssc-dsOriginal research

Qualitative perspectives on how Manchester United Football Club developed and sustained serial winning
David E Horrocks, Jim McKenna, Amy Whitehead, Paul J Taylor, and Andy M Morley

Coaches’ perceptions of long-term potential are biased by maturational variation
Ashley J Cripps, Luke S Hopper, and Christopher Joyce

Native American football coaches’ experience of a motivational climate collaboration with sport psychology researchers
Joseph L Claunch and Mary D Fry

Talent development environment and achievement goal adoption among Korean and Singaporean athletes: Does perceived competence matter?
Chee Keng John Wang, Do Young Pyun, Chunxiao Li, and Mi Sook Lee

Identifying technical, physiological, tactical and psychological characteristics that contribute to career progression in soccer
Hannele Forsman, Minna Blomqvist, Keith Davids, Jarmo Liukkonen, and Niilo Konttinen

Observational learning of a new motor skill: The effect of different model demonstrations
Saeed Ghorbani and Andreas Bund

The within-task criterion to determine successful and unsuccessful table tennis players
Alessandro Piras, Ivan M Lanzoni, Milena Raffi, Michela Persiani, and Salvatore Squatrito

Examining the skill involvements of under-16 rugby league players during a small-sided game and match-play
Kyle JM Bennett, Brendan R Scott, Job Fransen, Nathan Elsworthy, Colin E Sanctuary, Tim J Gabbett, and Ben J Dascombe

Examining age and gender effects in physical performance in young athletes aged 12–16 years
Javier Yanci, J Cámara, JJ Vizcay, and WB Young

Perceptions, awareness and knowledge of the Female Athlete Triad amongst coaches – Are we meeting the expectations for athlete safety?
Swarup Mukherjee, Vishal Chand, Xiao X Wong, Pamela P Choong, Vera SM Lau, Sandra CL Wang, Nien X Tou, and Kok W Ng

A time-motion analysis of Paralympic football for athletes with cerebral palsy
Craig Boyd, Chris Barnes, Simon J Eaves, Christopher I Morse, Neil Roach, and Alun G Williams

Comparison of center of pressure trajectory characteristics in table tennis during topspin forehand loop between superior and intermediate players
Fengqin Fu, Yan Zhang, Shirui Shao, James Ren, Mark Lake, and Yaodong Gu

Case Study

Emotion-centered and action-centered coping in elite sport: Task execution design approach
Yuri Hanin, Muza Hanina, Hrvoje Šašek, and Ana Kobilšek


Desires and taboos: Sexual relationships between coaches and athletes
Susanne Johansson, Göran Kenttä, and Mark B Andersen

Special Section on Golf

A qualitative investigation into the role of the caddie in elite-level golf
Jarred Pilgrim, Sam Robertson, and Peter Kremer

The effect of a seven-week exercise program on golf swing performance and musculoskeletal measures
Mico H Olivier, Sean A Horan, Kerrie A Evans, and Justin WL Keogh

Poisson regression analysis of additional strokes assessed at golf
Justin R Chimka and Thomas P Talafuse

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