Performance Enhancement & Health Vol. 3, Issue 3–4, 2014

peh-dsDoping academic publications: Enhancing the health of Performance Enhancement and Health
Editoria, Pages 121-122

A defence of the welfarist account of enhancement
Original Research Article, Pages 123-129
Hazem Zohny

Use of medicines and dietary supplements among Bridge players in two world-class tournaments
Original Research Article, Pages 130-134
Bruno Federico, Paolo Walter Gabriele, Giovanni Capelli

The supply of steroids and other performance and image enhancing drugs (PIEDs) in one English city: Fakes, counterfeits, supplier trust, common beliefs and access
Original Research Article, Pages 135-144
Ross Coomber, Adele Pavlidis, Gisella Hanley Santos, Michael Wilde, Wiebke Schmidt, Clare Redshaw

Why athletes say no to doping: A qualitative exploration of the reasons underpinning athletes’ decision not to dope
Original Research Article, Pages 145-152
Áine MacNamara, Dave Collins

French speaking athletes’ experience and perception regarding the whereabouts reporting system and therapeutic use exemptions
Original Research Article, Pages 153-158
Fanny Bourdon, Lucie Schoch, Barbara Broers, Bengt Kayser

The complexities of anti-doping violations: A case study of sanctioned cases in all performance levels of USA cycling
Original Research Article, Pages 159-166
April D. Henning, Paul Dimeo

Doping use and deviance in Swiss national and international elite cycling
Original Research Article, Pages 167-174
Vanessa Lentillon-Kaestner

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