Olympism for Humanity (O4H)

olympic-ceremonyThe International Olympic Academy and the Conflict Resolution Program of the Department of Government at Georgetown University are proud to announce the inauguration of Olympism for Humanity (O4H), a global venture that aims to advance Olympism, Peacebuilding  & International Development Scholarship & Practice. The first step of O4H is the Olympia Praxis Summer Program, a professional development training opportunity to be held in Ancient Olympia, Greece from June 23-July 3 2013.

O4H Vision

Olympism for Humanity (O4H) aims to advance Olympism, Peacebuilding and International Development alliances, scholarship and practice.

O4H Mission

O4H is guided by the International Olympic Academy’s vision and efforts “to explore and enhance the contribution of Olympism to humanity”. Its mission is to advance, disseminate and promote Olympism to address local, regional and global societal challenges, such as:

  • Child Protection, Education and Welfare
  • Gender & Disability Inequalities and Discrimination
  • Human Rights, Social Cohesion and Civic Disengagement
  • Conflict, Inter-Ethnic Intolerance & Democratic Governance
  • Health and Well-being, HIV, Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Unemployment, Poverty & Homelessness
  • Refugees & Migration

O4H Scholarship & Praxis

The ultimate goal of Olympia Praxis  is to advance Olympism, Peace and Development  (OPD) educational and academic opportunities through professional development training, summer schools, study abroad and exchange opportunities. This program is the first step of a global initiative called Olympism for Humanity (O4H), which aims to advance human centered alliances, scholarship, educational opportunities and synergies that will facilitate the resolution of existing global challenges. O4H will coordinate local, regional and global efforts and serve as a catalyst for:

  1. Creating Inclusive Systems: create new and support existing local, regional, global and sustainable learning hubs through the Olympia Alliances Project
  2. Providing Ongoing Capacity Building: provide Olympic Education training, capacity building, mobility and educational opportunities to the engaged stakeholders through the Olympia Praxis Project
  3. Establishing O4H Scholarship: produce and advance related and applied scholarship through the Olympia Epignosis Project

Please visit the O4H website!

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