October 2013 Newsletter from IAPS, International Association for the Philosophy of Sport

The IAPS (International Association for the Philosophy of Sport) Newsletter is freely available over the Internet. Articles from previous editions include teaching guides, book reviews, conference details, calls for papers, short articles, and research news.

Inquiries, questions, and suggestions should be directed to the current Editor (2000-present): Sharon K. Stoll, University of Idaho.


  1. President’s Message
  2. Secretary-Treasurer’s Message
  3. 2013 Fullerton IAPS Conference
  4. 2013 IAPS Awards
  5. News from the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport
  6. 2014 IAPS Conference – Call for Papers
  7. Call for Future Conference Sites Proposals
  8. 4th R.Scott Kretchmar Student Essay Award Contest
  9. Pictures from Fullerton 2013
  10. PDF of Routledge and the Journal of the Philosophy of Sport
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