Nordamerikansk idrottshistoriekonferens

NASSH-konferensen 2013 är förlagd Saint Mary’s University i Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kanada.



St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

May 24-27, 2013

The 41st annual convention of the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH) will be held at St. Mary’s University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 24-27, 2013. (Information about accommodations and travel will be forthcoming.)

The Program Committee encourages NASSH members and others interested in the scholarly study of sport history to think about research presentation possibilities for the convention. Abstracts may be submitted for individual papers (20 minutes) or for complete sessions (95 minutes – typically, but not necessarily, composed of 3 presenters at 20 minutes each, a commentator at 20 minutes, and discussion at 15 minutes). Proposals for complete sessions are strongly encouraged.

The Program Committee will evaluate all submissions according to their individual merit, contribution to the field, and potential contribution to the total program.

Proposals that do not provide all the information requested will be returned to the author(s). The deadline for the submission of proposals is December 1, 2012. Please contact Daniel A. Nathan, Program Chair, with any questions at


Guidelines for Individual Papers:

  1. Include author’s name, institutional affiliation and position, phone number, and postal and email addresses.
  2. Include title and abstract of the paper. The abstract should include the question(s) addressed in the paper, the evidence to be used, a precise statement of the argument and conclusions, and what significance the paper has to our understanding of sport history (300-500 words).
  3. Suggest the type of NASSH conference session for which this paper might be appropriate.
  4. Submit electronic copies of the complete proposal by December 1, 2012 to the Program Committee Chair. Early proposals are appreciated.

Guidelines for Complete Sessions:

  1. Include names, institutional affiliation and position, phone numbers, and postal and e-mail addresses for the session organizer and all participants (moderator, speakers, and commentator). It is requested that you select a commentator for the session, or provide suggestions as to individuals who would be appropriate.
  2. Include title and abstract of the session. The session abstract should include a discussion of its theme and argument, a description of the relationship among the papers, and a statement about the significance of the session to our understanding of sport history (150-250 words).
  3. Include title and abstract for each individual papers. The abstracts should include the question(s) addressed in the papers, the evidence to be used, a precise statement of the argument and conclusions, and what significance the papers have to our understanding of sport history (300-500 words each maximum).
  4. Submit copies of the complete proposal by December 1, 2012 to the Program Committee Chair. Early proposals are appreciated.

General Guidelines for NASSH Presentations:

  1. Persons whose papers are accepted by the program committee must agree to present the paper in person and to attend and participate in other convention sessions.
  2. Each presenter must be a NASSH member in good standing.
  3. Each presenter must register for the conference.
  4. Except for supporting graduate students through the Roberta Park Fund (see below), NASSH pays no honoraria or any other expenses for speakers to prepare papers or to attend the convention.
  5. Papers are to be original work, not published or presented in full elsewhere.
  6. Persons whose abstracts are accepted by the program committee must deliver the paper summarized by the abstract and not some other piece of work.
  7. Only one paper may be presented by an individual at a NASSH convention. (A presenter may, however, also moderate a session or serve as a commentator.)
  8. Presenters should not be the moderator of the session in which they present.
  9. Presenters must prepare final abstracts of about 300-500 words for publication in the annual NASSH PROCEEDINGS.
  10. Moderators will firmly enforce time limits for papers. Speakers should plan on no more than two minutes per page typewritten, double-spaced, TNR 12-point, 25 lines).
  11. LCD projectors will be available.
  12. The deadline for submitting completed papers to commentator(s) and to other members of the session is April 15, 2013. Commentators have some autonomy in working with presenters on this deadline.

Implicit Agreement to Attend Conference:

Submission of an abstract indicates the presenter’s intent to register for the conference at the appropriate conference fee and to be available to present during May 25-27, 2013. Again, a presenter must be a NASSH member in good standing—that is, his/her dues must be paid by February 15—to be on the final program.

Roberta Park Award Guidelines

Graduate students who have a paper accepted for the 2011 NASSH convention are eligible to apply for a grant from the Roberta Park Fund. Annual interest on this fund is divided among the applicants to help defray the costs of travel and accommodation at the convention. Exact amounts of these grants vary from year to year. To apply for a grant from the Park Fund, you should:

  • Indicate your interest on your submitted abstract,
  • Include the name and email address of your graduate program advisor.

This financial support will be disbursed to you by NASSH Secretary-Treasurer Ron Smith at the convention, not before. Graduate students who have full-time academic positions are not eligible for the Park Fund.

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