Movies that can be used to discuss gender and sexuality in sport

The list below was compiled by Dr. Dominique Falls, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Simon Fraser University, assisted by various members of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport (NASSS) listserv. Following the ”publication” of the list on the list, as it were, a few more suggestions were posted, they’re added at the end.

Dr. Falls coaching the Canadian Women’s National Street Soccer Team at the Homeless World Cup in Paris, August 2011.

Too fast to be a woman (2012) – (Not sure)

  • Trans athletes, Caster Semenya

Wrestling with Manhood (2003) – (Libraries?)

  • Masculinity, Bullying

The Life of Million Dollar Babies (2008) – (

  • Women’s boxing

The Code (2010) – (Available on CBC Fifth Estate online player)

  • Fighting in professional hockey, masculinity

Murderball (2005) – (Libraries)

  • Wheelchair rubgy, masculinity

100% Woman – (2004) – (Libraries)

  • Professional mountain biking, trans-athletes

Not Just a Game – (2010) – (Libraries)

  • Social cultural significance of sport

Out: The Glenn Burke Story (2010) (Not sure where to find a copy)

  • Baseball, first and only openly gay athlete in American team sports

Playing Unfair – (Libraries)

  • Post-Title IX media landscape in terms of the representation of female athletes.

Tough Guise 1 and 2 – (Libraries)

  • Masculinity, American culture, Violence

ESPN Nine for IX Series (Online)

  • Broad topics, Title IX

Training Rules (2009) – (Libraries)

  • Homophobia, College sports, Penn State

Strong: Lift like a Girl (2012) – (ITunes)

  • Weightlifting, women, bodies

Footy Chicks (2006) [Australia, R. Barry] – (Couldn’t find a copy)

  • Football (soccer), sex

Code of Silence (2009) [Australia, Four Corners] – Available on Youtube in four parts

  • Sexual abuse allegations in Australian Rugby League

Out in the line up (2014) – Can be rented on Vimeo for one month streaming

  • Surfing, homophobia

Off the Rez (2011) – (Itunes,

  • Native American women, basketball, scholarships

Happy Valley (2014) – (Libraries)

  • Organizational culture, Penn State child sex abuse charges

Gnarly in Pink (The Pink Helmet Posse) (2014)

  • Young girls, skateboarding

A Knock out (2004)

  • Women’s boxing, Race, Sexuality, media

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