2nd Call for Papers: Konferens i Thailand på temat “Sport Industry: Golden Opportunity for Economy, Social, and Education”

Invitation to submit research papers and academic paper for presentation at the International Conference

3rd Institute of Physical Education International Conference 2013

Theme : Sport  Industry: Golden Opportunity for Economy, Social, and Education

28-30 August 2013 At The Emerald Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

emeraldCall for Papers

Institute of Physical Education will organize the 3rd Institute of Physical Education International Conference during 28-30 August 2013 at the Emerald Hotel Bangkok, Thailand. to enhance the collaboration among scholars, researchers, university students from public and private sector, domestically and abroad.

Scope and topics

IPEIC 2013 is open to multidisciplinary papers related to Physical Education, Recreation and Tourism, Sports, Sports Science and Health Science.

These papers are separated in many fields and divided into 19 major topics as follows:

  1. Sport and Exercise Physiology
  2. Sport Biomechanics
  3. Sport Medicine
  4. Sport Psychology
  5. Sport and Society
  6. Sport Coaching
  7. Physical Education
  8. Health Education
  9. Physical Activity for Health
  10. Adapted Physical Education
  11. Applied Health Science
  12. Sport Management
  13. Sport School Management
  14. Sport Media and Communication
  15. Recreation Management and Leadership
  16. Recreation and Sport Tourism
  17. Thai Traditional and Cultural Sports
  18. Issue of the Modern Olympic Movement
  19. Other related fields

Format of presentation

  1. Oral presentation
    The language use must be in English, with a total of 20 minutes allocated to each oral presentation, including a 5 minute discussion.
  1. Poster presentation
    The presenter is required to work on his/or her poster one day before the presentation, as specified in the program of the conference. The author is expected to be at the exhibition during the assigned sessions, esp. during the opening ceremony for the poster presentation.

Note : The presenter is eligible to present only format 1 or 2 or both upon his or her selection.

In the case of research papers or articles written academic researchers. The present research is only one person only.

Format Instructions

1. Paper submission

The paper submission for the 3rd Institute of Physical Education International Conference 2013 is opened for both the academic paper and research article related to the fields of Physical Education, Recreation, Tourism, Sports, Sport Science and Health Science.

2. Paper preparation

Page layout

    1. The paper must be in the format of an academic paper with 8-10 pages in length, or a research article with 8-10 pages, including table, graphics and reference (for publication in the Proceedings).
    2. All text font must be printed with Times New Roman type, and single-spaced.
    3. All pages should have top and bottom margins of 1”, left margin of 1.2”and right margins of 1”.
    4. Page header must be set at 0.49” from the right top edge of the page.
    5. Indented paragraph is at 0.5”.

Paper format

1) Title

      • Title must be printed at the centre of the page, and not exceed 2 lines. The first alphabet of each word is capitalized, using 14 point, bold.

2) Authors and co-authors

      • Use 12 point, aligned right, with address under the name. Should there be any full address and further information, it must be printed at the footnote in the same page of an abstract.
      • Author’s name should indicate only given name and last name without the title or degree, but to put comma (,) after last name, except the last author to put full stop (.), and put asterisk (*) after the last name of the presenter.

3) Abstract

      • An abstract must not exceed two A4 pages, and single-spaced.
      • It should include sufficient information for reviewers to judge the nature and significance of the research, basically  covering objectives, research methods, result and discussion

4) Key words/terms

      • Use 12 point, bold, italic, with 3-5 keywords.

5) Body

      • It should cover the significance of the study, i.e. objectives of the study, research methodology, result findings, discussion and conclusion and references.
      • Use a two-column format, and set the spacing between the columns at 10 mm (0.40 in).
      • Illustration must be saved in .jpg file, with at least 300 x 300 dpi.

6) References

      • List the references at the end of the paper, in order of citation in the format of APA (American Psychological Association).
      • Number the references chronologically: [1] [2] [3].
      • All references listed must be cited and all cited references must be included in the reference list.

The format for references is as follows:

      • Textbook
        Author’s name. Year of publication. Title of textbook. Number of publication. Publisher. Place of publication.
      • Journal article
        Author’s name. Year of publication. Title of article. Year of publication (Vol.) : pages.
      • Dissertation
        Name’s name. Year of publication. Title of dissertation. Degree, field of study, Name of                       institution.
      • In-content reference
        Put the number in parentheses [1]…….[2]……., both in the content and in the reference section in chronological order.

3. Poster preparation

                      Poster layout

All manuscript must be printed in English on a poster size of 90 x 120 cm (width x height). The Title, use bold, Times New Roman, font size 100 pt., and the text font is at least 32 pt.. The poster must include the illustration. The author presented in poster format need to take responsibility of his own costs and bring the poster to the conference venue himself.

Poster format

It must include Title, Author and Co-authors, Institution, Significance of the study, Research objectives, Methodology, Result findings, Discussion and Conclusion and References.

                      Installation Poster

Poster  Presentation will be installed throughout the conference from 28 August 2013 To 30 August 2013 and the presenter can install and storage poster by him / herself

Important Notes

  • All authors must also identify their article field and type under category of Scope and topics in the online submission.
  • The submission of papers for the 3rd Institute of Physical Education International Conference 2013 (IPEIC), will be reviewed via a peer-review process in order to ensure the highest technical quality and standard of the conference. The language use must be in English and grammatically correct. The paper must be typed, using MS Word or PDF format.
  • The authors whose articles are selected to present at the conference agree to pre-register for the conference and to give their presentation in English in person on the date and time as indicated.

4. Submission methods

Send by e-mail at ipeic2013@hotmail.com, or ipeic@ipe.ac.th

5. Paper submission dates

  • Paper submission deadline     15 June 2013
  • Notification of acceptance     20 June 2013
  • Publication for proceedings   30 June 2013

6. Registration fees

  • Thai nationals 1,500 Thai baht
  • Expatriates 3,000  Thai Baht (100 USD)

Registration payment ends on 31 July 2013.

7. How to pay

Payment at the registration desk only participants not pre-registered, but not permitted for presentation.

8. Hotel

The Emerald Hotel, Ratchadapisek Road, Bangkok Tel. +66 2 2764567, Fax +66 2 2764555-6

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