Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, Volume 29, 2020, Issue 5


Acute Effect of Ankle Kinesio and Athletic Taping on Ankle Range of Motion During Various Agility Tests in Athletes With Chronic Ankle Sprain
Javad Sarvestan and Zdeněk Svoboda
Pages: 527–532

Sagittal Spinal Morphotype Assessment in Dressage and Show Jumping Riders
Angélica Ginés-Díaz, María Teresa Martínez-Romero, Antonio Cejudo, Alba Aparicio-Sarmiento and Pilar Sainz de Baranda
Pages: 533–540

The Relationship Between Vertical Ground Reaction Force, Loading Rate, and Sound Characteristics During a Single-Leg Landing
Caroline Lisee, Tom Birchmeier, Arthur Yan, Brent Geers, Kaitlin O’Hagan, Callum Davis and Christopher Kuenze
Pages: 541–546

Comparison of Protonics™ Knee Brace With Sport Cord on Knee Pain and Function in Patients With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Mastour S. Alshaharani, Everett B. Lohman, Khaled Bahjri, Travis Harp, Mansoor Alameri, Hatem Jaber and Noha S. Daher
Pages: 547–554

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Effect of Graft Type on Thigh Circumference, Knee Range of Motion, and Lower-Extremity Strength in Pediatric and Adolescent Males Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction
Dai Sugimoto, Benton E. Heyworth, Brandon A. Yates, Dennis E. Kramer, Mininder S. Kocher and Lyle J. Micheli
Pages: 555–562

The Beighton Score and Injury in Dancers: A Prospective Cohort Study
Ross Armstrong
Pages: 563–571

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Does an Accelerated Program Give Equivalent Results in Both Elite Athletes and Nonathletes?
Özlem Feyzioğlu, Özgul Öztürk, Bilsen Sirmen and Selim Muğrabi
Pages: 572–577

Effect of Rest Duration Between Static Stretching on Passive Stiffness of Medial Gastrocnemius Muscle In Vivo
Masatoshi Nakamura, Shigeru Sato, Ryosuke Kiyono, Nobushige Takahashi and Tomoichi Yoshida
Pages: 578–582

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No Relationship Between Preoperative and Early Postoperative Strength After ACL Reconstruction
Pier Paolo Mariani, Luca Laudani, Jacopo E. Rocchi, Arrigo Giombini and Andrea Macaluso
Pages: 583–587

Influence of Shoulder Position on Functional Control Ratio During Isokinetic Assessment
Bin Chen, Yichao Zhao, Xianxin Cao, Guojiong Hu, Lincoln B. Chen and Wenxin Niu
Pages: 588–593

Russian and Low-Frequency Currents Induced Similar Neuromuscular Adaptations in Soccer Players: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Karenina Arrais Guida Modesto, Pedro Ferreira Alves de Oliveira, Hellora Gonçalves Fonseca, Klaus Porto Azevedo, Vinicius Guzzoni, Martim Bottaro, Nicolas Babault and Joao Luiz Quagliotti Durigan
Pages: 594–601

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Longitudinal Quadriceps Strength Recovery After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction With Hamstring Autograft: Patients Stratified by Preoperative Quadriceps Strength Deficit
Yuya Ueda, Takehiko Matsushita, Yohei Shibata, Kohei Takiguchi, Akihiro Kida, Daisuke Araki, Noriyuki Kanzaki, Yuichi Hoshino, Rei Ono, Yoshitada Sakai and Ryosuke Kuroda
Pages: 602–607

Ankle Sprains Risk Factors in a Sample of French Firefighters: A Preliminary Prospective Study
Jérôme Vaulerin, Frédéric Chorin, Mélanie Emile, Fabienne d’Arripe-Longueville and Serge S. Colson
Pages: 608–615

Ability of Isokinetic Dynamometer to Predict Isotonic Knee Extension 1-Repetition Maximum
Joseph B. Lesnak, Dillon T. Anderson, Brooke E. Farmer, Dimitrios Katsavelis and Terry L. Grindstaff
Pages: 616–620

Association Between Functional Movement Screen Scores and Injuries in Male College Basketball Players
Kanako Shimoura, Yasuaki Nakayama, Yuto Tashiro, Takayuki Hotta, Yusuke Suzuki, Seishiro Tasaka, Tomofumi Matsushita, Keisuke Matsubara, Mirei Kawagoe, Takuya Sonoda, Yuki Yokota and Tomoki Aoyama
Pages: 621–625

Effects of Taping and Balance Exercises on Knee and Lower-Extremity Function in Amateur Soccer Players: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Gemma V. Espí-López, Pilar Serra-Añó, David Cobo-Pascual, Manuel Zarzoso, Luis Suso-Martí, Ferran Cuenca-Martínez and Marta Inglés
Pages: 626–632

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The Effects of Blood Flow Restriction on Muscle Activation and Hypoxia in Individuals With Chronic Ankle Instability
Brian Killinger, Jakob D. Lauver, Luke Donovan and John Goetschius
Pages: 633–639

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Athletes Play Through Pain—What Does That Mean for Rehabilitation Specialists?
Amy Barrette and Katherine Harman
Pages: 640–649


Open access
Can Myofascial Interventions Have a Remote Effect on ROM? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Connor Burk, Jesse Perry, Sam Lis, Steve Dischiavi and Chris Bleakley
Pages: 650–656

Open access
Effectiveness of Mechanical Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis: A Systematic Review
Dorianne Schuitema, Christian Greve, Klaas Postema, Rienk Dekker and Juha M. Hijmans
Pages: 657–674


Open access
Gait Retraining With Real-Time Visual Feedback to Treat Patellofemoral Pain in Adult Recreational Runners: A Critically Appraised Topic
Marcie Fyock, Nelson Cortes, Alex Hulse and Joel Martin
Pages: 675–679

Open access
Protracted Cardiovascular Impairments After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury: A Critically Appraised Topic
Cody R. Butler, Kirsten Allen, Lindsay J. DiStefano and Lindsey K. Lepley
Pages: 680–683

Open access
Exercise-Based Rehabilitation and Manual Therapy Compared With Exercise-Based Rehabilitation Alone in the Treatment of Chronic Ankle Instability: A Critically Appraised Topic
Bridget M. Walsh, Katherine A. Bain, Phillip A. Gribble and Matthew C. Hoch
Pages: 684–688


Open access
Association Between the Seated Single-Arm Shot-Put Test With Isokinetic Pushing Force
Bryan L. Riemann and George J. Davies
Pages: 689–692

Open access
Effectiveness of Novel Ankle Prophylactic Compared With Lace-Up Brace or Tape
Wyatt D. Ihmels, Kayla D. Seymore and Tyler N. Brown
Pages: 693–696

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