Journal of Sport Management Volume 30, Issue 2, 2016

Special Issue: Sport Consumer Behavior


Sport Consumer Behavior Research: Improving Our Game
Daniel C. Funk, Daniel Lock, Adam Karg, Mark P. Pritchard

The Development and Change of Brand Associations and Their Influence on Team Loyalty Over Time
Thilo Kunkel, Jason P. Doyle, Daniel C. Funk, James Du, Heath McDonald

New Team, New Fans: A Longitudinal Examination of Team Identification as a Driver of University Identification
Matthew Katz, Bob Heere

Forty Years of BIRGing: New Perspectives on Cialdini’s Seminal Studies
Jonathan A. Jensen, Brian A. Turner, Elizabeth B. Delia, Jeffrey James, T. Christopher Greenwell, Chad D. McEvoy, Stephen Ross, Chad Seifried, Patrick Walsh

No More “Good” Intentions: Purchase Behaviors in Sponsorship
Noni Zaharia, Rui Biscaia, Dianna P. Gray, David K. Stotlar

Coping With Athlete Endorsers’ Immoral Behavior: Roles of Athlete Identification and Moral Emotions on Moral Reasoning Strategies
Joon Sung Lee, Dae Hee Kwak, Jessica R. Braunstein-Minkove

Determinants of Word-of-Mouth Influence in Sport Viewership
Akira Asada, Yong Jae Ko

Consumer Interest in Major League Baseball: An Analytical Modeling of Twitter
Nicholas Watanabe, Grace Yan, Brian P. Soebbing

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