Performance Enhancement & Health Vol. 4, Issue 1-2, 2016

peh-dsSpecial issue on performing arts
Pages 1-2
Gene Moyle

Nutritional, medicinal, and performance enhancing supplementation in dance
Original Research Article, Pages 3-11
Ian D. Boardley, Nick Allen, Alexander Simmons, Helen Laws

Psychological recovery: Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), anxiety, and sleep in dancers
Original Research Article, Pages 12-17
Lana J. McCloughan, Stephanie J. Hanrahan, Ruth Anderson, Shona R. Halson

Physical performance and musculoskeletal disorders: Are musicians and sportspeople on a level playing field?
Original Research Article, Pages 18-26
Jessica Stanhope

Performance enhancement: A whole of person approach to first year Dance students’ transition into tertiary training
Original Research Article, Pages 27-34
Avril Huddy

Dancers’ stories: A narrative study of professional dancers
Original Research Article, Pages 35-41
Jennifer Warnick, Joshua Wilt, Dan P. McAdams

The developmental features of music performance anxiety and perfectionism in school age music students
Original Research Article, Pages 42-49
Tim Patston, Margaret S. Osborne

Bodily crises in skilled performance: Considering the need for artistic habits
Original Research Article, Pages 50-57
John Toner, Luke Jones, Aidan Moran

Stillness, breath and the spine – Dance performance enhancement catalysed by the interplay between 3D motion capture technology in a collaborative improvisational choreographic process
Original Research Article, Pages 58-66
Jennifer Nikolai, Gregory Bennett

“My day-to-day person wasn’t there; it was like another me”: A qualitative study of spiritual experiences during peak performance in ballet dance
Original Research Article, Pages 67-75
Lynda Flower

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